Cube mini u30gt windows 8

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Sep 01, 2012  Cube Mini Tablet PC U30GT RK3066 7, 0 Android 4. 0. 4, 8 1G RK3066 Rockchip, 1, 6, Cortex A9 cube mini u30gt windows 8 Apr 24, 2013 Hi there i've been looking for a windows 8 driver for sometime now. And found this one, but when i install it, to get me Cube U30GT mini back to live, windows tells me the driver won't install since it is not designed for windows 8. I use windows 8 64bit, and turned of driver signing. Any ideas to get this working?

Check the model number of your tablet and download the appropriate firmware for it. Flashing the wrong firmware on your tablet may result in irreversible damage. Cube U30GT Jelly Bean Cube U30GT Mini MS Jelly Bean Cube cube mini u30gt windows 8

Sep 27, 2012  Home Forum Cube tablets Cube U30GT (U30GTH U30GTW U30GT Problem with Rockchip Batch Tool US ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery easy install for RK3066 and RK3188 TWRPCWM FlashTool and root for RK3288 cube mini u30gt windows 8

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