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2019-12-07 05:04 In System Configuration please go to Services tab and locate Protected Storage. Uncheck the box to prevent this service to start and then press OK to finish. Any change make in System Configuration will be apply after restart.

Fix the Problem Outlook Cant Remember Password. Select the key Protected Storage System Provider, right click on it and choose Permissions button and then click Advanced button. Make sure that your user account has Full Control for this key and subkeys. Activate the option Reset permissions on all child objects and enable propagation windows protected storage system provider Dec 14, 2003 Forum discussion: Why does Microsoft need the personal information, passwords and visited URLs in WIN98SE Registry? Storage System Provider I have

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In the operating system that contains the items you want to copy: Run the 'Protected Storage PassView' utility. Select the passwords and AutoComplete strings that you want to move. If you want to move all your items, press CtrlA ('Select All'). From the Import If it isn't, start it, and set it to start automatically. This is usually the reason for Scheduled Tasks not working correctly. Run REGEDT32 and open the key Storage System Provider. In the Security menu for REGEDT32, click on Permissions, then Advanced. Apr 18, 2013 Protected Storage System Provider Registry Subkey in Windows 8 I have 2 Windows 8 machines with Outlook 2010 installed. From time to time I am prompted to enter the password for my SMTP password for my earthlink. net server even though I have remember password checked. windows protected storage system provider

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