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2019-12-16 05:52 Nov 15, 2009 The link shows that Outlook 2007 should be able to import account settings from Windows Mail in Vista. But that doesn't mean, of course, it can import account settings from Windows Live Mail

May 23, 2018 After a clean install of Windows 7, I installed Office 2007, which I already used with Vista. I also installed Windows Live Mail, not to use it as an email client, but only as an intermediate to import mail accounts, as I used to do with Outlook Express on XP and later with Windows Mail on Vista; Outlook 2003 and 2007 do not import email accounts files. windows live mail import account settings Exporting Calendar from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook 2013. Open Windows Live Mail. Select the Calendar folder and make sure that you are logged in by using your Windows Live ID. Click the Share and select your Windows Live account, if you have an Outlook account

Feb 06, 2019 Click the file menu on the upper left, then export mail . Export it to the Windows Live Mail Format, not the Microsoft Exchange pst format (this will lead to errors). Create a folder in your documents where you want to save this EML file. Next, in Outlook, create a new data file. windows live mail import account settings

Mar 20, 2016 As our initial troubleshooting step, I recommend you to repair your Windows Live Mail. To repair your Windows Live Mail, here are the steps: 1. Click Start button (Circle button with a Windows logo it). 2. Click Control Panel. 3. Click Programs. 4. Click Programs and Features. 5. Search for Windows Live Essentials then double click it. 6. Jan 07, 2017 If and when they do provide it, they will probably provide a means of importing exporting from Windows Live Mail, Outlook 201x, etc. But, until then, anything that you wish to appear in W10 Mail must be stored within your online mailbox. Windows Live Mail is the email client bundled with Windows Live Essentials. Both client programs store emails in the. eml file format. In order to export messages from Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird, you must export messages from the Windows application and import windows live mail import account settings Sep 30, 2010 I did some looking around, and did not come up with anything on exporting settings from windows live mail. Your original question is a bit garbled, but, can it be presumed that you will be importing the settings to Outlook 2010? If so, just start from scratch. How can the answer be improved? Importing Accounts into Windows Live Mail To import an account into Windows Live Mail you will need to first open Live Mail. You will then see the Accounts window open, here on the right hand side please click on Import. After you click on Import the Import Internet Account window will open. Oct 03, 2013  Export or Backup Email Accounts in Windows Live Mail. 1. Open Windows Live Mail. 2. Click on the Tools icon drop down arrow (or press AltF), select Export email, and click on Account. (see screenshot below) 3. Select the email account that you want to backup, then click on the Export

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