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2019-12-05 22:52 Word 97 was a very popular and stable version. It supports Windows 9x, and NT and there was a port to the DEC Alpha CPU. This is the last version that is compatible with NT 3. 51.

Jul 10, 2010 The free word that came with windows 7 produces attachments that other computers can't download. I have a full legal copy of Office Pro '97 (which includes Word '97) that totally works as expected (except for Outlook) installed in a Windows 7 Professional laptop. word 97 windows 7 Jan 28, 2010 I'm not totally sure, but I believe it will not run on Windows 7. I know Office 2007 runs and I learned recently that 2003 will also, but I think believe that it is just too old for compatibility. If you are trying to avoid purchasing a new copy of word (or office), you should know that you can download and install free a copy of openoffice. org.

Jan 24, 2010  Word 97 wont install on Windows 7. It suggests Windows XP SP3 (which is correct), a start button shows up for running the program in compatibility mode with XP SP3, but the button is dead. I try to run install. exe in compatibility mode with a number of other Windows versions. The button is word 97 windows 7

If you have Microsoft Office 97 installed on your computer, you have the option of going to Office's website and manually downloading and installing any updates that are available for the program for free. While this is convenient, there is a much easier wayyou can use Windows Dec 13, 2010 Just thought I would let y'all know that I installed Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition (which I have used for years since Windows 9 on Windows 7 64bit a couple of days ago and it is Dec 09, 2012 Word Compatibility Mode. To determine which mode the document is in, check the document's title bar. If (Compatibility Mode) appears after the file name, the document is in either Word 2007 Compatibility Mode or Word Compatibility Mode. Click the File tab. In the Prepare for Sharing section, click Check for Issues, word 97 windows 7 microsoft word 97 free download Microsoft Word 97 Hyperlinks Update, Word 97 How? to Documents, Microsoft Word 97 Patch: Template Security, and many more programs

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