System settings in windows are saved

2020-01-22 05:37 Nov 06, 2016 Hi, whilst it isn't useful to do that, another approach you might wish to consider which does preserve your settings is an inplace upgrade repair install: Precede it with this in case sthg has happened to your file system: From an admin command prompt [Windows key X, click command prompt (admin

To view all profiles stored on a Windows XP computer, use the System Properties window. Click Start and then rightclick My Computer. Select Properties and then click the Advanced tab. Under User Profiles, click the Settings button. For a Windows 2000 computer, in the System Properties window, click the User Profiles tab. . system settings in windows are saved May 20, 2016 Windows 10 Settings menu: The System tab. It's clear that Microsoft is trying to phase out the Control Panel and replace it with the prettier, touchfriendly Windows 10 Settings menu. In Windows 10 you can change most (but not all) of your computer's basic settings in the new Settings menu, which has a permanent home in the Start menu, right above the Power button.

Mar 18, 2011 and would love to save all my settings, can I just copy the registry use it after I rebuild, or is there another way to save all my system settings? Thank you all so much, Fran. system settings in windows are saved

system settings in windows are saved

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