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If one or both computers use Windows 8, 7, or Vista. If one or both computers use Windows 8, 7, or Vista, to use a crossover cable to connect them: Connect the two computers using the Ethernet crossover cable. On a computer running Windows 8, press Winx direct cable connect windows 7 Sep 05, 2013  How To Set Up a Direct Cable Connection Between Two Computers in Windows 7. 1. In device managerPORTS(COM and LPT) there are 3 items in both the PCs Communication Port(COM1), Communication Port(COM2), Printer Port(LPT1). while I plugunplug the cable

This is related to an issue with Windows 78 Dialup Connections (DUN) using the modem type Communications cable between two computers. Also known as PPPovernullmodem, PPPoverdirectserial, neonzeon Dec 24 '16 at 16: 56 direct cable connect windows 7

Apr 21, 2003  With this in mind, Ive found that when using the Direct Cable Connection utility to connect Windows XP to other versions of the Windows operating system, its better to configure Windows Create a DirectConnect Modem in Windows 7. Unlike most previous versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 7 requires a modem to make a direct connection. This modem is actually an A2CDB9 cable that connects the computer to the access control panel. To create a directconnect modem: 1. Click the Start button 2. Click Control Panel. Sep 16, 2010 Direct Cable Connection. (This is a desktop computer, not the one I have for the forums. Windows 7 Professional) I have a wireless adapter (WG112v2 ) which plugs into a USB slot. For some odd reason while plugged in directly I get slow speedtest. net readings, 4Mbps; yet while run through an extension cable of three feet direct cable connect windows 7 Apr 27, 2011  On Windows 7, we can see where the Direct Cable Connection driver installed to (for our example here is COM2) since we choosed which COM port to use. Connect the NULL modem cable to this port. However, on the Atari, you will need to know which COM port you connect Jun 07, 2013 I have Laplink for Windows 3. 11 (ha) and actually use that cable to connect the (2) Windows 98SE legacy systems, and it works with native Microsoft Windows 98SE software. It does not work with the Laplink software, nor does it work with the Laplink File Mover software. Parts of these pages on DirectCable Connectivity are a cooperation with Parallel Technologies, the creator inventor developer of the DirectParallel technology licensed to Microsoft for the Direct Cable Connection (DCC) feature in Windows ME ( supplier of the fast Apr 02, 2019 I am using a crossover ethernet cable connecting the two computers. Windows 10 is build. Ethernet shows as Unidentified network and Private network in network and sharing center. I can see the Windows 7 computer but i cannot access the shared disk. Windows 7 shows Unidentified network and Home network in network and sharing center.

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