Windows phone 7.8 end of life

2020-01-26 21:19 Today, July 11th 2017, is the official 'End Of Support' date for Windows Phone 8. 1. Some quotes and comments below. From the Microsoft Support pages, and include point 1 just for context:

Mar 19, 2013 There's a Blue lining to that cloud. In an update to its support page published this week, Microsoft confirmed that support for Windows Phone 7. 8, released in February 2013, will end on 9 September 2014, while support for Windows Phone 8, but with a lifecycle start date of December, will come to end in July 2014. windows phone 7.8 end of life Nov 12, 2015  Starting with Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft will make updates available for the Operating System on your phone, including security updates, for a minimum of 24 months after the lifecycle start date. Microsoft will continue its existing support for Windows Phone 8. 1 until the end of support date of July 11

Jul 11, 2017  It's official: for all intents and purposes, the Windows Phone era is over. Microsoft has ended support for Windows Phone 8. 1 just over 3 years windows phone 7.8 end of life

Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end. After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is coming to an end on January 14, 2020. We know change can be difficult, so we are here to help you with recommendations for what to do next and to answer questions about end of support. Mar 06, 2019 Feature updates will be released twice a year for Windows 10 via the SemiAnnual Channel (SAC), targeting March and September annually. Updates are cumulative, with each update built upon those that preceded it; you should always install the latest feature update (version), before your current version reaches end of service, to remain supported by Microsoft thru monthly quality updates. Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8. 1 Pro are now End of Life. Be sure to purchase stock before it is gone. End of support. End of support refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance. This is the time to make sure you have the latest available update or service pack installed. Without Microsoft support, you will no longer receive windows phone 7.8 end of life Aug 23, 2018 windows phone 7. 8 has died. Now what I want to know is this. Is there a program or something similar where I can return my Nokia Lumia 610 and get a new windows 10 phone for a subsidised price or even free. Jul 11, 2017 An end of an era. The end of support marks an end to the Windows Phone era, and the millions of devices still running the operating system. While most have accepted that the death of Windows Phone occurred more than a year ago, AdDuplex estimates that nearly 80 percent of all Windowspowered phones are still running Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Mar 10, 2019  Microsoft will implement Windows 8 end of life in January 2023, meaning it will discontinue all support, including paid support; and all updates, including security updates. However, between now and then the operating system (OS) is in an inbetween phase known as Mar 18, 2013 Microsoft has put an end date on its support for Windows Phone 7. 8 and Windows Phone 8. The company's support page lists both operating systems, and says that Windows Phone 7. 8 will be supported

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