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2020-01-26 12:33 Dec 03, 2010  Win7 logon screen for a domain logon like xp Logon w7 dont show users icons duplicate icons on the Windows 7 logon screen Why can i not logon to my user? Make application run on Win 7 logon screen [Solved Using keyboard on the logon screen no volume icon on my task bar I cannot control the volume

Dec 05, 2011  Delete unused accounts from logon screen without deleting the account completely. Remove user account from Windows 7 logon screen. time you need to log on you have to click the icon windows 7 logon remove user icon Nov 02, 2010 Remove no name user from login screen After install a program called DigitalPersona which is used to login to Windows by fingerprint ID it has created an extra user on the logon screen. This user has no name and is not listed in the Local Users and Groups Users I have since uninstall the software, but the user still remains

Sep 07, 2011  For this, you need to access the Control Panel window first. Then, open User Accounts window from it. You need to then select the Change the way users log on or off option. You can then uncheck the option Use the Welcome Screen. It will disable the windows 7 logon remove user icon

Jun 01, 2011 Windows 7 adds functionality to your login screen to give you additional logon options. If you want to lose the clutter, here is how to disable some or all of your credential providers. Whether it was installed from the factory or addon software you installed, these registry settings will disable the unwanted credential providers at your login screen. How to Remove Local User Accounts From the Login Screen in Windows Lowell Heddings @lowellheddings Updated July 12, 2017, 10: 28pm EDT If you have multiple user accounts on your computer, you might find it annoying to have to click on the icon for your username each time you start up the computer. Windows 7 login screen show only last user and Other User icons after profile problem 4 answers The list of users one can click to log in from the login screen has disappeared. This is windows 7 logon remove user icon Jun 28, 2012 My machine is configured in a domain and the login windows display my login icon as well as other user icon. I can understand that this has been provided so that if something happens to the Administrator, user can still login. But think about this. Any user who is the part of that domain can Hi Leo, Thanks for that details. I have already tested Apr 09, 2019 Windows 7 'Other user' logon icon. When I start my Laptop (DELL Latitude E5410), it starts and prompts me a 'Other Users' log on icon with an empty image. case 1: If I give my username and password it is logging (guest account also works fine) in successfully. I have only two accounts (Guest and user1). case 2: If I 'Cancel'

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