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2019-09-21 04:26 May 15, 2014 I knew that wp8 doesn't support WiFi direct. But after the release of wp8. 1 I saw that the wifiDirectDevice class is supported in WP 8. 1 does that mean that I can use WiFi direct on wp8. 1 for app to app communications?

Jun 13, 2016 How to use WiFi direct in Windows 8? Windows 8. 1 Networking https: lack of Ms Windows help& these fake 'answers' to how to enable or use it indicate to me that there probably is no Windows GUI for 'WiFi Direct' aspirants. Removal without linking to a better page is vandalism. wifi direct windows phone 8.1 WiFi Direct in Windows Phone 8. 1. Ask Question 1. Anyone knows if WiFi Direct is actually supported on Windows Phone? Thanks. windowsphone8. 1 windowsphone. share Windows Phone 8. 1 vs Windows Phone Silverlight 8. 1 is there missing documentation on MSDN? 5.

WiFi Direct on Windows Phone. WiFi Direct is actually a hidden feature on Windows Phone. Any device running Windows Phone 8. 1 or later versions can host a WiFi network via the internet sharing option in Settings. Usually, internet sharing is used to tether the devices cellular data over WiFi. wifi direct windows phone 8.1

May 22, 2015 I want to know whether WiFi direct present in windowsphone 8. 1 or not. Also how the app nokia play to works? WiFi Direct supported on any IEEE 802. 11 certified hadware, i. e. virtually any modern mobile phone device. By sunnyE in forum Windows Phone 8. 1 Preview for Developers Replies: 5 Last Post: , 02: 07 PM. Apr 19, 2017  Hi, I'm trying to connect my Windows 8. 1 Laptop computer to my android phone through Wifi Direct. When I click 'Add a device' in PC Settings, I'm able to see the laptop as a wireless network in my phone (laptop being the hotspot), but when I try to connect to that network, it Nov 26, 2013 Demonstrates how to use the WiFiDirectDevice class to find and connect to nearby WiFi Direct devices. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. I am developing an application for windows phone 8. 1 which as the wifi direct support i tried giving mac address of peer device to function FromIdAsync() function i got wifi direct windows phone 8.1 Sep 13, 2011 WiFi Direct is a new peertopeer device connectivity technology that enables highbandwidth sharing of media and content between devices without requiring a separate WiFi access point. Windows 8 na

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