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2020-01-29 05:45 Dec 05, 2018 I have a Dell N4010. It was working fine a day before, but now there's just no sound. Even the headphones don't work. I didn't install any new software too. I run Ubuntu and Windows both, and checked to find out there's no sound in either one. I reset the sound drivers too, but to no avail. Is this a hardware failure?

May 20, 2016 No speakers or headphones are plugged in HOW TO FIX THIS. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. No audio output device is installed. Windows 7 audio problem? Duration: 3: 17. no sound from speakers or headphones windows 7 It worked fine for two years, but the Windows 7 on my laptop no longer plays sound through headphones. When plugged in, the speakers stop (I've read that some people's speakers play instead of headphones, but not the case with mine).

In this article we will address the common issue no speakers or headphones are plugged in in Windows 1087, which many users have reported recently. Method 1: Uninstall the audio driver a, Go to Device Manager by pressing WinR together to open the Run dialog, enter devmgmt. msc. . b, Look for your audio device from the list, no sound from speakers or headphones windows 7

Dec 18, 2010 I just installed windows 7 and I cant hear nothing, I have this problem 'no speakers or headphones are plugged in' I tried type of drivers, and nothing I wonder what is the pr Windows 7: no speakers or headphones are plugged in. For some reason, I have no sound coming out of my stereo speakers or headphones (rear panel and front No speakers or headphones are plugged in. The Playing Audio troubleshooter does not detect any problems and in Device Manager the audio device shows up correctly with no errors. Though there are many types of integrated audio, a common one is the Realtek HD audio device which Windows detects as an High Definition Audio Device in Device Manager On Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft's information in the link below is designed to help solve common sound problems in Windows, including no sound from your speakers or headphones. This does not cover sound problems related to specific programs. Click here to diagnose No Sound issues. no sound from speakers or headphones windows 7 Apr 09, 2016 No sound from headphones but speakers work. Hello, I have a laptop Asus GL551JWDS71. My speakers work fine but when I plug in my headphones, I can't hear any sound from the headphones. The headphones do work as I use them for my desktop. Audio Issues Quiet no detection of headphones Windows 10 Forums If I plug in speakers or headphones to my PC I get no audio out from either. In my sound setting, the default is set to the speakers and the little icon with the green bars moves up and down with the sound as if it is working. I have done a clean reinstall of Windows 7 and still have the same problem. Device Manager shows all drivers are good. May 23, 2011  i have windows 7 64 bit. i need to play the same sound at the same time through my headphones and speakers listed in audio sound manager thing, the reason is one is a subwoofer and the sound isnt very clear and i would like to play it through my speakers at the same time. any help is greatly appreciated. no i will not buy a new sub, or a new anyhting for that matter, so that input will not Windows outputs sound to only one device at a time. You can select which device to use by setting the default device in Sound properties. With Speakers or Headphones selected as the default, Windows automatically switches to the headphones or external speakers when properly connected.

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