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2019-09-21 04:30 windowsphone7 windowsphone7. 1 windowsphone windowsphone. share Throws Exception Operation not permitted on When read from isloated storage. 1. Operation not permitted on WP7 C# . Hot Network Questions

Working with files in a Windows Phone 7 application File operations on a Windows Phone 7 device are performed with the help of two classes: and IsolatedStorageFile. isolatedstoragefilestream windows phone 7 Oct 31, 2012 Get rid of the leading slash. You need to use relative paths in isolated storage. song. xml will go in the application's root directory in isolated storage. subdirsong. sml will go in the subdirectory subdir under the applications root directory in isolated storage. . If you add a leading slash, then it will interpret that as the root of all isolated storage and you aren't allowed to

Where are my files created by Ask Question 3. 1. I would like to debug an generated xml file. Where do I find the file? c# silverlight windowsphone7. This answer doesn't apply to Windows Phone 7 which the question was tagged with! Matt Lacey Dec 31 '10 at 20: 14. isolatedstoragefilestream windows phone 7

Operation not permitted on Window Phone 7. 5 As a test for isolated storage I have a textbox and a button on a view (VIEW 1) that, when clicked in Operation not permitted on when retrieving Image. I could not figure why only hardcode filename work? 1) Without hardcoding filename. Problems: Operation not permitted on 2) But when I hardcode the filename, say, Test. jpg in SaveImageFile() and GetImageInISO(), I can view the image and windows phone 7 isolated storage operation not permitted. Isolated storage operation not permitted on all of a sudden. Related. 0. Isolated storage in windows phone 7. 1. Magic in Windows Phone isolated storage performance. 0. isolatedstoragefilestream windows phone 7 Operation not permitted on Windows and Windows phone apps, Windows Phone Development Developing Universal Windows apps. Jan 04, 2013 My guess is that you are not disposing your IsolatedStorageFile in either example and it is still in use when you try and readwrite for a second time. Operation not permitted on in windows phone. was caught HResult MessageOperation not permitted on Browse other questions tagged windowsphone8 or ask your own question. asked. 5 years, 11 months ago

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