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2020-01-28 20:24 Jan 03, 2011  Using a Batch Script. Open your Windows Startup folder by going to Start All Programs, rightclick on the Startup folder and selecting Open. When the listing of programs appear, create a new text file named StartupOrder. bat. Edit the StartupOrder. bat file in Notepad to add the delay time and applications you want to launch.

Nov 21, 2010 Not sure what you mean by delay startup time in startup folder. Please explain exactly what you are trying to achieve. In win xp, there is startup folder. You put the program link at there, it will auto startup those program. I want to delay the startup time to 5 10 min after the system boot. windows xp startup folder delay Jul 24, 2005 Archived from groups: (Some XP systems have a Winnt folder and some have a Windows folder. All the Best, Kelly (MSMVP)

Solution 2 Delay Service Start Up in XP And Vista using Batch Files. 1 Right click on your Desktop and select New \ Text Document and name the file servicedelay. cmd 2 Right click on servicedelay. cmd and select Edit to open the file, then copy and paste the batch file example (above). 3 Identify the service or services. windows xp startup folder delay

Aug 20, 2006  Help Delaying Startup Items For 30 Seconds. . posted in Windows XP Home and Professional: Ok. . hello first off. im new ok I will try to make this Replace the commands at the bottom with the stuff you want to start up after 5 minutes delay. Add this batch file to your startup folder. Note: You might want to create a shortcut to the batch file instead, then set the launch options to start the batch file minimised. Sep 24, 2013 You can delay Services starting up too via Services. msc. Use the Automatic (Delayed Start) option. Having a batch file placed in the startup folders with the delay parameters is another option. Apart from WinPatrol, there are 3 other freeware I know of, that can help delaying startups. Read Set Delay time for Startup programs in Windows 8 7. windows xp startup folder delay Mar 13, 2017  Windows 10: Enable or Disable Startup Delay in Windows 10. Startup items can be added by either the programs or drivers installed, or manually by you. By default, Windows will run the items in your Startup folder (shell: startup) after about a 10 second delay at Windows startup

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