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The getifaddrs() function creates a linked list of structures describing the network interfaces of the local system, and stores the address of the first item of the list in ifap. The list consists of ifaddrs structures, defined as follows: The ifaname points to the nullterminated interface name. ifaddrs h windows Hello Ricard and All! On Tuesday 05 August 2008 16: 57: 54 Ricard Wanderlof wrote: includeifaddrs. h was not the same as libcinetifaddrs. h [SNIP Yes, I've seen that. I was suggesting to go back to the situation prior to r, when ifaddrs. h was installed, and not reverting its content.

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Warning: That file was not part of the compilation database. It may have many parsing errors. May 01, 2007 So my question is, is there some trick I need to do in order to get UDP broadcast to work on all available interfaces, and not just the default interface ? It may be that this problem is Windowsspecific, but I'm not sure about that either, since I don't have any machines (Windows, Linux, or MacOSX) to test with. The getifaddrs() function stores a reference to a linked list of ifaddrs structures, one structure per interface. The end of the linked list of structures is indicated by a structure with an ifanext of NULL. Parameters ifap (IO) Reference to the pointer to the linked list of ifaddrs h windows I'm trying to port a MacOSX app to windows and I've come up against a problem around getifaddrs. Basically windows does not support it. I'm trying to figure a way to reimplement it (for AFINET and AFINET6) but the equivalent functionality on windows appears to The code you showed does not compile because it is designed for Linux, not Windows. There is no header on Windows. getifaddrs() returns a linked list of local interface addresses. But getifaddrs() does not exist on Windows at all (unless you find a custom 3rd party implementation). The Jul 29, 2013 C example code to list all network interfaces and check whether they are wireless or not. Linux only. Tested on Ubuntu 10. 04 and 12. 04, but should be compatible with pretty much everything out there. iswireless. c 11. 20 ifaddrs. h. Defines the type struct ifaddrs and declares the functions getifaddrs, freeifaddrs. . Documentation:

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