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2020-01-29 06:28 Jun 17, 2008 Best Answer: If you use Windows XP. Right click on the desktop, then click on the properties. Click on the settings tab, then in screen resolution choose you resolution. If you don't know your resolution try it all, then see which one fits you best (standard 17 inch monitor's resolution is 1024x768). If you use Windows Vista.

Dec 30, 2009 This is a quick look at the display and sound settings in Windows Vista. Learn how to customize your display, screen saver, so windows vista display settings default Apr 16, 2018 Then, the custom display settings may revert to default display settings. The custom display settings that revert may include the following settings: Default monitor choice setting. Monitor position setting in a multimonitor configuration. Monitor display size setting.

Optimizing system settings. In Windows Vista, System Restore has an additional feature to be able to restore single files to a previous version, called shadow copies. Restoring a shadow copy of a file saved by System Restore can be done by right clicking the file in the Windows Explorer, option Properties, tab Previous Versions. windows vista display settings default

How can the answer be improved? Jan 12, 2009 To do this: 1. Rightclick on the desktop and choose Personalize from the menu that appears. 2. Click on Desktop Background . 3. Select the desired background. 4. At the bottom of the window, right above the ok button, there will be several sizing options. 5. Click ok to apply the Click the Display Settings link at the bottom. Set the resolution back to the default setting by using the slider. Rightclick the desktop and select Settings if your computer is running Windows XP or an earlier version of Windows. Use the slider to set the resolution back to the default setting. Click OK to exit the display settings control. windows vista display settings default Loading Windows Vista's Personalization Options. To open Windows Vista's display settings, click on the last link displayed under Personalize appearance and sound . This will open the Display Settings window, covered in the rest of this tutorial, from managing monitors to changing screen resolution.

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