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2019-12-13 02:55 Aug 10, 2004  Archived from groups: ( When I add a new program, it is placed at the end of the list in All Programs. Can I customize that list, even if

Get Windows XP Style Classic All Programs List in Start Menu of Windows Vista and Windows 7 IMPORTANT: This method will also replace Favorites list in Internet Explorer with All Programs list. Many people complain about Windows Vista and 7 start windows xp all programs alphabetical order Windows XP Troubleshooting Windows XP. All Programs Menu Extends Off the Screen By: Arie Slob When you have many programs installed on Windows XP, you may find that when you click Start and then point to All Programs, the list extends off the screen, and you cannot see all the programs that are on the list. . One option is to enable scrolling:

Oct 19, 2015 Windows XP users can for instance sort the start menu entries alphabetically and select to sort the entries by name. Most users who sort their start menu alphabetically don't like it when new entries to the start menu are added at the bottom of the list as it breaks the sort order. windows xp all programs alphabetical order

Jan 30, 2008 How do I remove all programs from my computer in order to reinstall Windows XP? I recently found that my computer is filled with viruses. I was told that the easiest way to fix this is to wipe out the computer completely and reboot with the Windows XP disc that came with the desktop. Dec 03, 2004 This may sound dumb, but I like to have my programs under the ALL PROGRAMS menu in alphabetical order. I am not using the classic start menu and i know it has a sort button, but that's not what i need. Everytime i drag and drop them into alphabetical order manually, and then rebootit gets out of sorts again. Is there a way to make it stick? Jan 14, 2007 Way to put Programs (in Start Menu) in Alphabetical order? in XP, is there a way to put the programs in the start menu in alphabetical order? i know there was a way to do it in ME, and it made things a lot easier to find. anybody have an idea? thanks! Follow In Windows XP, is there a way of arranging the programs in alphabetical order windows xp all programs alphabetical order StartAll Programs list not showing in alphabetical order. For some unknown reason the StartAll Programs list lost its alphabetical order sorting. I checked Startisback Options and Sort items by name is marked. Hi all, I have feedback. Thanks for your or other means to correct this? Is there any registry hack Win8. 1x64 with Startisback. Jun 20, 2009 o To configure the default Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 method for sorting files and folders, in the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK. Note When the NoStrCmpLogical value does not exist or when it is set to 0 (zero), the default Windows XP sort order is used. 7. Exit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer. How to Disable Alphabetical Sorting and Manually Change Order of Start Menu Programs List in Windows 7? Recently when I posted Will Windows 8 be a Good OS for Desktop PCs? article, I got the idea of posting today's tutorial. As we all know Windows 7 doesn't come Aug 15, 2013 Hello Dear, , , , It is very easy to arrange programs in Alphabetical order: : : : Go to desktop and right click on it. Now select Arrange Icon By. Then tab to Name and click OK. That's they are arranged by alphabetical order. Good Luck.

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