Windows 98 starting music

2019-12-09 13:29 Windows startingsounds The visitcard of windows is the music, which will played when windows is starting.

Oct 07, 2014 Windows 98 startup sound. Compute sounds. Free online sound effects library. Sound Clips from Orange Free Sounds. windows 98 starting music Jun 22, 2012 This is the 30second tune that plays when you boot up Windows 98 and can be heard on the Welcome to Windows dialog box. I found this piece of music in a. wav file on my Windows 98 Plus! virtual

Jun 25, 2015  A customer was presumably exercising the unlimited support part of their support contract when they asked, Where is the full song for the music that plays when you start Windows 98 for the first time? The Welcome application plays only the first 30 seconds. Can you send us the rest of the song? I guess windows 98 starting music

windows 98 starting music

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