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2020-03-29 09:12 Apr 14, 2009  If you have bought a genuine copy of Windows (and lets hope you have) it will come with a certificate of authenticity. A Windows COA sticker is a certificate of authenticity sticker that proves that your copy of Windows is genuine. This, along with an original Windows CD

Sep 27, 2011 Installing Windows using my COA sticker key after problems with the recovery CDs. I tried to download the same version of Windows from the official links, a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, and I installed it first using Virtual Box in my other OS, and it seems the key it's not valid. reinstall windows coa sticker Sep 08, 2010 I have a Dell computer that just went kaput on me. I'm trying to install Windows on a new computer. I have the COA Sticker and was able to install windows xp but the Activation window is not taking my key. I don't understand why. I've tried the COA Sticker key as well as the key partially Hello maler23, The license for Windows XP that came with

Mar 10, 2018 I was wondering if I could install the Windows 7 ISO files on a flash drive, then boot from it and perform a clean install of windows 7. I'm just worried it won't accept the product key for some reason. Then I'd be screwed. Will it work? Or is there a different method to reinstall windows 7 using the COA sticker without the dvd? reinstall windows coa sticker

An OEM system builder DVD would also work and take the key from the sticker. Windows 10 1803 will install with the I dont have a key option then select pro Once installed and online you run SLUI 3 to enter the key from the COA. Lost the COA sticker Microsoft Genuine Advantage. Windows XP Genuine Advantage Validation Issues (Windows XP) decided to give this computer to our daughter for Christmas. So, now I'm installing Windows back on the computer, but I don't have the 25character registration key. I have Dec 11, 2015  Windows 7: Clean Install: Factory COA Activation Key. It would be a good idea to copy out or make backups of any data you need to save to the external media of your choice before you start this; also be sure to create the set of Factory Restore disks if you haven't already so reinstall windows coa sticker Feb 27, 2009 I just got owned by a virus, and I need to do a reformat C: and then totally reinstall Windows XP Pro. I still have the COA sticker and code on the bottom of my laptop. I don't have the backup CD for my laptop, but my dad has a back CD for the copy of Windows XP Pro installed on his laptop. Can I reinstall Windows on my laptop with his copy? After the last harddrive completely died without a boxed Windows, a system image, or recovery media to reinstall the Windows 7 Home Premium that came with it (retail) to a new harddrive, I'm left wondering if it is possible I can use a downloaded Windows image to burn an install DVD and install using just the keydetails that are on Windows Certificate of Authenticity sticker on the bottom Aug 23, 2010 Answers. When you buy a retail upgrade version of Windows 7, the COA sticker that is already attached to the bottom of the computer has nothing to do with the new version of Windows. Every retail copy of Windows MUST have an authentic COA attached to the disk holder, inside of the box. Here is a link to how you can tell if the COA is genuine. Nov 29, 2012 I'm getting ready to reinstall windows 8 on my Dell xps 8500. I've looked all over this thing and I can't find the windows product key sticker. Does anyone know where it should be. I have 4 older dell computers, and its really easy to find on them.

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