How to join samba domain windows xp

2020-01-28 20:28 Oct 10, 2008 Hi, I have got a Samba Domain on centos 5. 2 I use it file sharing and virtual machine. Now I want to PDC for my network. When I want to Join domain on windows xp client.

Feb 04, 2006 Hi I am running Redhat Linux 9 and samba as a PDC. I have joined windows 2000 in domain successfully but I could not be able to join windows xp how to join samba domain windows xp Making Windows XP join a SAMBA domain in 5 minutes Add the machine account on the server. Okay, time to do this. Disable RequireSignOrSeal. According to a contributor, you can skip this step if you're using SAMBA Configure the machine to join the domain

Aug 31, 2010 When the user elects to make the client a domain member, Windows 200x prompts for an account and password that has privileges to create machine accounts in the domain. A Samba administrator account (i. e. , a Samba account that has root privileges on the Samba server) must be entered here; the operation will fail if an ordinary user account is given. how to join samba domain windows xp

Jun 09, 2008 The standard solution you will find on all the Samba discussion forums is to add the Samba server to workstation's list of available WINS servers. One simple way of doing this is to get your DHCP server to pass on the address of the Samba server. how to join samba domain windows xp

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