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2020-01-26 12:21 CitizenCOP Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The Foundation works towards a variety of social causes and contributes towards nation building. Our work area is spread across social issues like safety, women

Mar 24, 2018 Women safety App, safety app for woman, safety app for women. No more Nirbhaya, stop crime, stop domestic violence. Lets make a safe community safe nation, safe India. CitizenCOP is surely your personal safety tool and guide for Simhastha 2016! Smart City Responsible Citizen, Smart City Smart Citizen. citizen cop app for windows Feb 27, 2019 Have you found yourself in distress situations at times and required urgent help? Or have you been a victim of crime on the road or any other location? How many times have you witnessed incidents of crime but turned a blind eye to avoid any complications? OFTEN, right? Well, but will. .

Mar 08, 2017  Citizen app (formerly known as Vigilante) launched in the city this week in an effort to combat violence, give residents an insight on whats going on citizen cop app for windows

Baptiste is the creator of CopWatch, an iPhone app that helps people record policecitizen interactions, upload them directly to the Internet, then alert Torontobased activist group the Network Apr 12, 2019  Citizen notifications have prompted users to evacuate burning buildings, deter school buses from departing a school during a nearby terrorist attack, or even rescue their neighbors baby locked in a hot car. You may receive a notification of a crime in progress before the police have responded. This app is meant to keep you safe and protect you. Well, Citizen Cop provides a hassle free and easy way for crime reporting. Built with an initiative to empower common man, CitizenCOP is a location based safety app. It is an initiative by INFOCRATS for a clean and a safer society and help develop a healthy living environment. citizen cop app for windows Citizen COP is a nonprofit organization, donations made to this organization can be eligible for deductions under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. Citizens can avail tax benefits on donations to Citizen COP Foundation. Mar 20, 2019  Hi, here we provide you APK file of App CitizenCOP APK for Windows Phone to download and install for your mobile. It's easy and warranty. Let Science 'Citizen' crime apps a boon or a curse for police? The Citizen app is supposed to give New Yorkers a timely warning about crimes being committed in their neighborhoods. CitizenCOP app is currently operating in coordination of police departments of Bhopal, Indore, Jhansi, Raipur, Noida, Bengaluru and Navi Mumbai. In Raipur, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh presided over the launch of CitizenCOP app. For cities where CitizenCOP does not have police association, lite version of the application is working.

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