Laptop windows 7 won't shut down

2020-01-22 04:51 Jun 13, 2016 Windows 7 won't shut down I hadn't used my HP laptop running Windows 7 for about 45 days and when I did recently, it won't shut down without me doing it manually, which results in a message saying Windows did not shut down properly when I start it up again and asks me if I want to start in Safe mode or regularly.

Mar 21, 2018 Windows 7: Computer won't shut down. System file check is fine, and the short disk check was fine. I think the problem is a Realtek card reader driver. I had an SD card inserted for a couple of days and I'd forgotten about it. That and USB drives are never detected properly. Anyway I've removed the card. Doesn't solve the driver problem but now I can shut down properly. laptop windows 7 won't shut down Jun 09, 2015 The cursor keeps spinning with shutting down next to it. The mouse will not show up. I've hit the power button but it won't turn off. We tried controlAltdelete it is unplugged but wnt to battery.

My problem isn't that it won't shut down properly or restart properly. My problem is that when I click on ShutDown, absolutely nothing happens. My desktop doesn't flicker or anything. There is no indication that I clicked the ShutDown button. The dropdown menu won't work either. They are simply frozen. CtrlAltDel is frozen as well nothing happens. laptop windows 7 won't shut down

May 11, 2017 The t 0 parameter is setting when to initiate the shutdown command. For you, I set it to zero so it will shut down immediately. The number after the t is the delay in seconds. It seems it can be set as high as. So you could set that command leave the computer on, walk away, and it would shutdown in. . like 10 years ha ha. Nov 12, 2012 I downloaded 3 new programs (1 from disc) 2 off internet and now my PC (Optiplex 745 Dell: OS Windows 7) won't shut down. I just see a screen and it says shutting down but it doesn't. Jan 04, 2018 Help, my PC with Windows 10 won't shut down properly by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staffforum admin February 26, 2016 5: 07 PM PST Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won't shut down properly. laptop windows 7 won't shut down The fast startup feature has been found to cause computer won't shut down just restarts after the Windows 10 Creators Update. Turn off this feature to solve the problem. Step 1: Open settings by right clicking on Start and clicking on Settings or you can press Windows I keys. Step 2: Click on System . Sep 25, 2014  Page 1 of 2 Windows 7 won't shut down without a hard power off posted in Windows 7: Hello. Ive been having trouble shutting down Windows 7. When I try to shut it down Jan 27, 2010 Windows 7 won't shut down. URGENT. Whenever I try to shut down, restart, or put my laptop to sleep, the screen simply shuts off and it freezes, but never shuts down. This does not happen when I boot it in Safe mode. I recently upgraded to 7 Home Premium from Vista. 2. 10 GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce 105M Video Card, IDT Audio Drivers,

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