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2020-01-19 09:56 Apr 15, 2016 To install Firefox run the Bash command: aptget install firefox. Once Firefox has been installed you run it with the Bash command: DISPLAY: 0 firefox. Then, if all's done well, congratulations, you'll be running a Linux desktop app on the Windows desktop. It probably won't be running well.

If you do not use too much windows specific library in development, you can use mono to run apps in both Linux based systems and Mac. But I'd rather prefer Qt for cross platform developing. It will also help to port your app in mobile devices. port linux app to windows Porting a QT Application from Windows to Linux. A signal is the event produced by the form. A slot is the handler method defined inside your form class: Select clicked () on the left and click Edit on the right to add another slot. Click and type in the new slot name: ButtonClickHandler (): Press OK to finish creating the connection.

Nov 21, 2005 Port a GTK app to Windows Hi, I want to port gLabels to Windows because I still have to use Windows sometimes, and I need to able to access my labels and business cards at all times. But I can't figure out how to do it, I'm not a big c person and a newbie to Linux. port linux app to windows

Aug 08, 2017  Many more would like to run Linux tools as part of their workflow as a matter of convenience. Previously, there were a few options: Run something like Cygwin and rely on Win32 ports of common GNU tools. Cygwin is a great toolset but it runs into issues when using tools that havent been ported to Windows. Continue Reading This Article. There are two approaches to running Windows apps on a Linux box: emulate the Windows API on a Linux box, or provide a Windows environment running under Linux. The first approach enables the app to run in the Linux OS, whereas the second enables the app to run in a Windows OS on top of the Linux operating system. For Porting a Windows App to Linux with Visual Studio. As certain Windowsspecific files are missing on the Linux machine, the compilation will fail with several errors. We will fix them in the next steps: Open the stdafx. h file and remove references to SDKDDKVer. h and tchar. h: Rename tmain () to main () and replace TCHAR with char. Build the project. port linux app to windows

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