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Egg Timer Plus is a small, easytouse stopwatch and egg timer. It's resizeable on the screentimer display. The program has separate timer and stopwatch modules. windows 7 desktop gadgets egg timer Sep 19, 2010 I'm looking for 2 separate types of gadgets. 1. A timercountdown gadget. I tried this one Countdown Clock Gadget Windows 7 Gadgets and some other similar ones, but some don't work at all, others don't work for me. I don't need to enter specific datetime, I just want to say I want to be notified in 5 minutes. The closest one I've found is this:

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Aug 06, 2013 Free Download Egg Timer Vista Gadget Vista gadget that will add to your Sidebar or to your desktop a very cool looking egg shaped timer. DOWNLOAD Egg Timer Vista Gadget. 0 for Windows. Cooking Timer. Description: Cooking Timer is a gadget that will ensure that whatever you are cooking won't be forgotten and left to overcook. It has a beautiful interface as well as a flexible settings appearance. You can manually set how long the alarm is before MS Timer. Description: MS Timer is a cute little gadget that is shaped just like an egg timer. To set the time, all you have to do is drag the middle part of the egg to the time where you want it start timing down. Unfortunately, there is no other setting for this gadget. windows 7 desktop gadgets egg timer

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