Best hidden windows 8 features

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Looks pretty much like Windows 7: This early Windows 8 prototype hides many of its features. Some hidden gems are already accessible (via some registry tweaks and DLL hacks), others require a yet best hidden windows 8 features Jun 03, 2011  The top hidden features in Windows 8 But you don't have to wait until then to get a look at some of Windows 8's best new features. I've closely examined a

Oct 31, 2013 Windows 8. 1 surprises: 25 hidden features and little extras Tiles. Files. Apps and Snaps. The update's jampacked with little things that add up to a big improvement over Windows 8. best hidden windows 8 features

Apr 13, 2017 It's time to power up your Windows 10 PC. Now that the Creators Update is available, let's take a look at some of the best hidden features, tips, and tricks underneath the hood in Windows 10 May 22, 2017  Well, we bring you 8 Windows 10 tricks, secret features and hidden features not many know about. These Windows 10 Hidden features might be limited to 10 best hidden features in Windows 8 1. The secret Start menu. Moving your mouse cursor down to the bottomleft 2. Sync your settings. Windows 8 supports the old user account system, 3. Windows Defender. Windows Defender is back from extinction, 4. Simpler shutdown. It's the same best hidden windows 8 features Mar 14, 2014 Windows 8 already contains more than 300 new features. Windows 8 is developed by Microsoft as part of Windows NT family of operating systems. In this article we discuss some important and popular or hidden features of Windows 8 operating system. Feb 21, 2017  But it turns out there are plenty of hidden secret features in Windows that you almost never hear about. This video goes over the 10 best Windows features Top Hidden Features of Windows 10. During my research to craft this post, I have found out most of the hidden features are known to the common computer user (be it the jump menu on start button or the skip to the desktop button on the bottomright). So, what you get here are the least known Windows 10 features, which you should manually enable. Dec 17, 2012 Following are the best hidden features of Microsoft Windows 8 you must know. Get More Out Of Your Display: If you are making use of multiple displays, you would have noticed that Windows will extend your taskbar across both the screen. It has more than this, you can easily move your current app to another monitor.

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