Windows.location not working

2019-10-19 05:43 Oct 15, 2017 Location services not working Location services isn't working for my Microsoft account on my Windows 10 desktop. Location services is turned on, the Network Location Awareness service is running, and all apps are set to allow location to be used. However, no apps, including Cortana and Maps, can access location information.

Hi Anubhav, javascript settings were fine in the brower so i tried window. top. location, it worked this time but its not opening page within my master page. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. windows.location not working Sep 03, 2014 Now This is working, thanks every body for your help and you may use the below code, if any body else face the same problem, below is working example function

window. location. href not working in form onsubmit. Ask Question 11. 7. So i have a form, and onsubmit return regcheck(this) where regcheck() is a javascript function in the header which is supposed to check the form data, and since one of its tasks is to check if the username is in the database which requires php, i want to redirect to a windows.location not working

Jun 18, 2017 Location Settings Not Working In Windows 10 I am unable to turn on location in my windows 10 upgraded laptop. The location button in the notification bar is deactivated. Please help me with this. . This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Still its not working. May 12, 2013  No Apps can find my Location. (their not finding an incorrect location, but not finding ANY location info). I have Windows Location Platform enabled in Control Panel. I have Let Apps Use My Location turned on in User Settings. All apps have Location turned Use of window. location doesn't work on iPad. Ask Question 14. 2. I'm using some JavaScript that will redirect the user to another URL after a fixed period of time. This is working well on all browsers but on an iPad 3 I have to test on it isn't working. The timeout fires and I call. windows.location not working Sep 06, 2015 Location not working Cortana not available. dalchina. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Guru Posts: 17, 838. Win 10 Pro (1809) New 06 Sep 2015# 1. Location not working Cortana not available Cortana is not working on my computer? in Software and Apps. I am using a Surface Pro 3. When I first enabled Cortana, she worked perfectly. Jan 26, 2012 In 'My Computer' when I right click and select 'Add a network location nothing happens, nothing pops up or opens. Windows doesn't freeze, and everything else seems to be ok. It's as if the 'add a network location' wizard has been removed. I already have one ftp network directory set up and Temporarily turn off the firewall and perform a Clean Apr 13, 2019 However, I do not see the Windows Location Provider sensor in the device manager. I know it is hidden sometimes and shows up when the location is accessed by an application. I have tried that and I still do not see it. Does anybody else have this issue? Did anybody get GPS to work in Windows 10? Maybe I am missing a driver? Aug 09, 2017 anyway, it doesn't work by registry, only the toggle, there is a geolocation service you can see if it works. maybe go to msconfig and see if it's checked to start at startup. and also you can go to group policy Computer configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Location and Sensors, Windows Location Provider

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