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2020-01-19 11:22 Feb 08, 2013 Windows phone 8 emulator not working in virtual machine. If you followed everything in the article, this really should work. I have tested this myself with VMware Workstation 8. 04 and VMware Fusion 5. 02. Rather than go back and forth on this thread, why don't we have a call and even perhaps a screen sharing session so I can try to work with

It appears to be that many Mac users, including myself, has had some trouble setting up Windows Phone SDK and run an WP emulator. I once gave up, but after spending some time searching and asking my coworkers around, I finally make Windows Phone 8 emulator runnable on my MacBook Pro, so before I totally forget how I did, I decide to blog and share it with you. vmware fusion 5 windows phone 8 emulator Jun 21, 2013 Hopefully you should now be able to run the Windows Phone Emulator in VMware Fusion. Why? The Windows Phone Emulator runs as a virtual machine on HyperV. HyperV is a virtualization platform to create and run virtual machines. To check whether it is enabled on your Windows 8 instance, open the Windows Features settings:

Nov 14, 2012  Running the Windows Phone 8 emulator in a virtual machine (I followed this guide) As a lot of people pointed out, its not really possible in Parallels Desktop 8 (PD8), but is possible through VMware Fusion 5 (VMF5) with a small workaround. I recommend following this guide, but will supplement some more information as it pertains to VMF5, as vmware fusion 5 windows phone 8 emulator

Jul 05, 2013  A couple of evenings ago, I decided to build a Windows 8 64 bit virtual machine with Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows Phone 8 SDK, so I could have a look at writing apps for Windows Phone. The main tool I use for creating and running VM's is VMWare Player, its free and does Windows Phone 8 Emulator in VMWare Fusion on OSX. Ask Question 1. 2. I am attempting to launch the windows phone 8 SDK emulator on my Mac so that i can do simple web testing of mobile websites i build. I have followed several guides and they all say the same thing. Such as: 6. Nov 28, 2012 I'm on VMware Fusion 5. 01 on OSx Mountain Lion on mid 2012 MB Air with Core i7 Intel. I'm trying to use a Windows 8 VM for WIndows 8 Phone development. The SDK seems to run the Windows Phone emulater in a HyperV VM itselft (a virtual machine under the VMware virtual machine). For this, I enabled HYperV support in VMWare Fusion vmware fusion 5 windows phone 8 emulator Hi, I just upgraded from Fusion and my virtual machine with Windows 7 Pro seems to run faster. I'm using to develop in. Net, but unfortenately, the Windows Phone 7 emulator, that used to run with no issues, is now crashing, with no errors. Nov 09, 2013 My development environment is now fully virtualized, and this caused a problem when I tried to do to some Windows Phone 8. Realistically I try to avoid running a virtual machine from within another virtual machine but this is not always an option. For Windows Phone 8 development, the phone emulator You can perform Windows Phone 8. x development on Windows 7 or later provided you have a physical device, however if you want to use the Windows Phone 8. x emulators then you need to have HyperV available, this is because the WP8 emulators run as HyperV virtualmachines, sidebyside with your main operating system.

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