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2020-01-22 05:25 Hi I have created a Google Chrome Application Short cut for a URL (in Windows 8) as detailed in Google Help under the heading Create shortcuts for other apps. I've stored the shortcut on the desktop. I need a way of making one specific application shortcut open when Windows 8 starts up, and I'm wondering if anyone knows a way of doing this?

Dec 04, 2013  Chrome cannot run in Windows 8 mode if its not the default browser. Its an annoying limitation of Windows 8, but one that has to be adhered to. So, first, youll need to make sure Chrome is the default. With that taken care of we can set it to open up in Windows 8 mode: Thats it! Chrome will now automatically open in Windows 8 mode by default. windows 8 open google chrome as app Mar 08, 2019 When I launch Google Chrome on my desktop, It opens as an app (Not a desktop app) So, to get to it, I have to hover in the top left (Like I would with Internet Explorer) Any help would be appreciated as it's very annoying that I have to open a whole new window each time I wanna look at something, instead of simply minimizing the browser

Apr 23, 2015 Anyways, I am using Google Chrome (Version. 90 m) on a Windows 8 operating system, and I am trying to open it as an app on Windows 8. I have already tried the Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode and have opened it and retried it several times, but it is still opening and functioning as if I had gone through the desktop. windows 8 open google chrome as app

Mar 03, 2013 This will show you how to disable and enable windows 8 mode on google chrome without installing anything or adjusting anything. Apps in Windows 8 can run as traditional desktop programs or as applications limited to the Start screen environment. Some apps, such as Skype and Google Chrome, offer both desktop and Start screen versions for you to choose between. With Google Chrome, you can switch between the two available modes using the May 17, 2013 I just got windows 8 on my new laptop, and it's the opposite of user friendly. it's confusing and difficult to use. I'm very frustrated, I just want to open google chrome or skype or whatever as a program like I did using windows vista, not as an app. This whole app thing is stupid. windows 8 open google chrome as app

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