Can you use expo markers on windows

2020-01-29 08:51 Nov 15, 2008 Answers. Best Answer: It won't hurt the glass, but it's not going to stay very well. In the place I work we have to write on glass every day and we use a special type of chalk markers to do it. It comes off with a little bit of water with no damage to the glass. Your best bet when decorating car windows are chalklike waterbased markers.

Label your frozen foods: Use a dryerase marker to write the contents and date on the lid of your storage containers when you put stuff in the freezer. This way a) theres no more guessing what this frozen lump is meant to be, and b) you can tell at a glance if food is way past any reasonable useby date. can you use expo markers on windows If you draw on the windows with expo, it will come off the same as if you ash off a dry erase board. I have done this various times. I have done this various times. source: Can you write on car windows with expo markers?

Use a whiteboard eraseable marker on it. The ink from the new marker will dissolve the old ink. Go a small amount at a time, wiping with a damp cloth or towel as you dissolve a patch. Allow each spot to dry before writing over the mark with the marker again. The marker may become saturated with the old ink. can you use expo markers on windows

Windows are not the only glass surface either. You can write names on wineglasses before a party, or use blank CDs as placemats with names written on them. You could even use the CDs for recording after you've erased the names, or reuse them for your next party. Glass is great for writing on with markers. Nov 04, 2015 The Expo Dry Erase Markers (Page on shoplet. com) are perfect for any whiteboard surface and goes great on glass boards too. There are also neat markers out there perfect for drawing on windows too! Drawing on glass windows is pretty cool especially during fastpaced brainstorm team sessions in the office or for general decorating purposes. can you use expo markers on windows

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