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2020-01-26 21:37 Jul 15, 2015 How do I set Windows 7 Home Premium SERVICES to OPTIMUM settings? I use for internet games and home usage? Seem far too many SERVICES are running. You can run msconfig. exe, then click the Services tab. Now click the box that hides all Microsoft services. Of the remaining ones you can untick any or all without affecting the startup process.

Mar 29, 2019 How to Optimize Windows 7. If your Windows 7 computer is starting to chug, there are a variety of optimizations you can perform to breathe new life into it. The tweaks range in simplicity from a few clicks to installing new hardware. All tuning windows 7 home premium I had used Windows 7 right from the beta version and its definitely has improved performance. In fact I had tried on a 3yearold machine with 512 MB ram and it worked fine for regular home users. However we should also remember that keeping your computer running smooth like it was first installed is only

10 ways to speed up Windows 7. By Scott Lowe in 10 Things, in Microsoft on July 15, 2012, 10: 26 PM PST You don't have to live with a Windows 7 machine that's becoming unbearably slow. tuning windows 7 home premium

Dec 23, 2011 How can I get the most out of my fresh Windows 7 installation? I have a Lenovo B570 with a 2nd Gen i3 processor and 4GB DDR3 RAM. 500 GB HD. I use my computer daily and work from home on my computer. Oct 23, 2010 HP Photosmart Premium C309G, HP Photosmart 6520 HP Touchpad, HP Chromebook 11 Custom i k, Z87, 8GB, Vertex 3 SSD, Samsung EVO SSD, Corsair HX650, GTX 760 Custom i k, Z97, 16GB, Vertex 3 SSD, Plextor M. 2 SSD, Samsung EVO SSD, Corsair HX650, GTX 660TI Windows 78 UEFILegacy mode, MBRGPT Windows 7 Home Premium PC connected via wired interface (gigabit) Virtualbox Linux guest Virtual Machine running on the Windows PC; The VM has its network interface bridged on the wired host interface, and has a LAN IP address; on the same LAN there's a NAS providing files over HTTP (gigabit) tuning windows 7 home premium Oct 12, 2009 Windows 7 Home Basic versus Home Premium Hi Please advice on the performance comparison between Windows 7 Home Basic versus Windows 7 Home Premium assuming if both uses the same 8GB RAM. Just a hearsaythat Windows 7 Home Basic is lagging behind Windows 7 Home Premium in terms of performance assuming if both uses the windows 7 performance free download PDF Reader for Windows 7, Windows 7 (Professional), Windows 7 (Ultimate), and many more programs Windows 7 (Home Premium) Upgrade to the latest Windows

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