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2020-02-18 20:45 Aug 12, 2011 Windows Vista File Sharing? So i am trying to link two laptops in my house so i can file share on windows vista. I go into network and i click on the other computer, and it brings a window asking for a username and password.

In Windows Vista, choose Network and Sharing Center. In Windows XP, choose Network Connections and then skip down to Step 5. From the left pane, choose Manage network connections. Rightclick the connection that should have printer and file sharing turned on or off, and select Properties. file sharing windows 8 and vista Aug 12, 2018 Sharing in Windows 8 is similar to sharing in Windows 7. Go to the Control Panel Network& Internet Network& Sharing Center Advanced Sharing Settings and turn the sharing on as you did for windows 7 above. (This is required if you wish to share folders from windows 8), but not if you wish to access shared folders from Windows 7.

Feb 05, 2014 Hi, I'm having trouble sharing files from my Vista Laptop to my new Win 8. 1 laptop. I can get into my shared public folder but nothing else. I want to be able to get at anything in my C drive but it says I don't have permissions. I have a home wireless network but I also hooked them together with an Ethernet cord and both networks are showing. file sharing windows 8 and vista

Mar 02, 2012 For this, rightclick network icon in Windows 8 system tray, and select Open Network and Sharing Center. From left sidebar, click HomeGroup followed by Join now. it will open Join a Homegroup wizard, asking you to specify types of files that you want to share with Homegroup users. Dec 06, 2012 I did setup fileprinter sharing with desktops with Windows 7 and Windows Vista which was pretty straight forward. I setup workgroup with the desktops and the desktops were able to see under network and signin with password. I did set up homegroupworkgroup in Windows 8 and workgroup in Windows Vista and then I turned fileprinter sharing on. Sep 09, 2012  How to Share Files in Windows 8. This will take you to the traditional desktop screen. Once you are in the desktop mode, go ahead and bring out the charm bar by positioning your mouse in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose the Settings icon and then choose Control Panel at the top of the screen. file sharing windows 8 and vista 7) Lets move on to do folderfile sharing now. Go to the folder that contains the files you would like to share, right click that folder and click on Share Note: You can also do simple file sharing if you right click the folder and click Properties. I will tell you more about this advanced file sharing later. 8) File Sharing window will appear. Open File Explorer. Windows Vista or 7: Choose StartComputer. Windows 8: Open the desktop and click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar; then click Computer in the Location list on the left side of the screen. Navigate to the folder you want to share. Rightclick Apr 29, 2013 Regarding accessing the files, as you said that you are able to access the shared folder on Windows Vista from Windows 8, I think you are accessing the files on Windows 8 using admin share a. k. a. administrative share. In this case you should enable Admin Share manually on the latter operating system, i. e. Windows 8. Here's how you can do it: Nov 08, 2012 I have a home network running a PC and a laptop. The laptop operates on Vista and I recently upgraded the PC from XP to Windows 8. Before the upgrade I was able to quite successfully share a particular file between the PC and the laptop.

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