Windows xp system state backup fails

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Solved: Hi We have Backup Exec 2010 running on a Windows Server 2008 64bit. System State backups are failing with the following info: Backup windows xp system state backup fails Jul 31, 2017 This was followed by a 521 Event from Windows Backup telling you that the Backup operation failed. Why? The hint was already in the event details from the VSS error: Can you spot the SID with the BAK extension at the end? So we looked at the ProfileList regkey on that machine.

Apr 24, 2002 Restore failed systems with Windows XP ASR backup set By Greg Shultz in Microsoft on April 24, 2002, 12: 00 AM PST The ASR backup set utility is a big help when a PC is beyond repair. windows xp system state backup fails

When you perform a system state backup using Windows Server Backup on Windows Server 2008, the backup fails with the following error: Backup of system state failed [ 16: 21 Log of files successfully backed up. log' Log of files for which backup failed Apr 08, 2014  Do not keep volume level backups and system state backups in the same location. The volume used to store the system state backup needs twice the amount of free space as the size of the system state backup until the backup completes. Meanwhile please check if it is caused that you are backing up to a critical drive. Try modify the Feb 07, 2011 Windows Server 2008 System State Backup fails when an invalid ImagePath is specified for services Content provided by Microsoft Applies to: Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Windows Server 2008 Standard Windows Vista Ultimate Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Business 64bit Edition Windows Vista Enterprise windows xp system state backup fails Select OK and then configure the backup policy for the client. You can now use the ALLLOCALDRIVES, Shadow Copy Components: \, and the System States: \ directives to do open file backups. Applies To. This is specifically seen on Windows XP Professional SP2 systems with NetBackup 7. 0 client software or higher. Oct 26, 2016  All replies. 1. Remove the WSB feature and then readd it. 2. Uninstall the AVsoftware 3. Perform a cleanboot to see if you can take a system state backup. You could try to backup a single file or a folder to see if same issue persists. If the issue still exists, please provide the result of Mar 18, 2019 Note: Volume letter(s) should match those of the system's volumedisk drive letters. Run the vssadmin list writers command to confirm that the VSS writers are now in a stable and ready state. (see Figure 1 above) Retry a backup. If the backup fails with VSS writers you may need to reboot, or follow the steps in Scenario 2. Jan 21, 2012  I've had this problem for a while. No recent changes. Not on domain network. In fact I did run SFC scannow on Jan 4 and I got a good system state backup but that condition didn't last and haven't have one since. Windows can't find services. mse or COM System Application

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