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2020-01-26 18:16 Oct 06, 2009  Desktop Icons Change or Restore Default Icon 1. Right click on a empty area of the desktop and click on Personalize. (See screenshot below). 2. Click on the Change desktop icons link at the upper left corner. (See screenshot below). 3. To Change the Icon for a Desktop Icon

Restore your default desktop icons in Windows 7. It will do it for the following icons: Computer ( My Computer ), the User folder icon (the folder that contains all special folders under your profile, like Pictures, Music), Network, and Recycle Bin (both full and empty, which are two separate icons). set default desktop icons windows 7 Manually change filetype icons in Windows 7. @TommyMyron, because this answer provide solution which change default icon for filetype runapplication and not directly for filetype. windows 7 and desktop icons. 2. Systematically change folder icons in Windows 7

Windows 7: Changing Default Desktop Icons 1. Rightclick on the desktop, then scroll down and select Personalize at the bottom of the menu. 2. Select Change desktop icons from the menu on the top left. 3. With checkboxes, you can now select which icons should be shown on the desktop. 4. Computer set default desktop icons windows 7

An easy way of doing this is by going to the desktop screen and rightclicking an empty space on it (Windows 7) or pressing and holding an empty space of the desktop (Windows 8) then clicking or tapping on the Personalize option from the options box that appears. On the next Window, click or tap on the Change desktop icons link. Feb 28, 2019 After trying the new folder fix, the icons for. pdf and MS Office files were changed to some default setting. I am running WIndows 7 Pro and the fix I tried Menu Menu. Forums Search. Search titles only Desktop Icons change to default setting. Thread starter KP; Start date Mar 13, 2013; Forums. Software. Dec 27, 2015 7. Open C: Drive and create a new folder and set its name as Icons 8. Open Icons folder and place the icon file (. ICO) you want to use as your new folder icon in this folder. Name this new icon file as Folder. ico 9. Now restart your computer to take effect. set default desktop icons windows 7 Apr 01, 2019 I just installed Windows 7 from Windows XP. I use unique icons for a number of data files. How do I replace the application icon that is the default for MS office data files. In XP all I had to do was right click the icon and go to the change icon link. This is now missing in Windows 7. Dec 18, 2015 Are you looking for the steps to change the desktop icons on your Windows 7 computer as per your preference? Watch this video to know about the steps to change desktop icons on Windows 7. How can the answer be improved? Dec 23, 2018 Windows 7 Desktop shortcut and file icons change to default The shortcut icons for Office 2010 applications on my desktop and the icons for office and acrobat files have reverted to some kind of default icon.

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