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2020-01-24 16:53 Oct 28, 2013 To hide most recently used five playlists in Windows Media Player 12 try the following steps: . 1. Open Windows Media Player 12. 2. Right click on any item present in the sidebar. 3. Select Customize navigation pane, uncheck Playlists, and click OK. [Same can be applied for wmp12 present in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Apr 25, 2007 I am playing a playlist via LAN which worked as advertised. I have lost the playlist on the dialog that had visulization and playlist showing. Now visulization takes up the entire dialog. There must be a way to select showhide playlist. I can not find it. I would appreciate some help. Thanks. show hide playlist windows media player Nov 04, 2009 Windows Media Player 12: Always show list. Hi everyone, I recently updated my computer to Windows 7. When I was on XP, the list pane of WMP 11 was always displayed in the right part of the screen (except in full screen mode).

How to Hide the Bar in Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player 12 hides the top menu bar by default, because common functions are available in other areas of the media library. If another user enabled the menu bar, hiding it again conserves screen real estate while organizing businessrelated audio or video files. show hide playlist windows media player

May 28, 2007 i used Windows Media control to play sound files as. mp3, . wmaand create a playlist. i want to show the playlist in windows media player! how can i do that? thanks for every answer! yuwery, The following code shows a working playlist for Windows Media Player, please add the code in your application: Code Snippet Imports System. IO Public Class Jan 29, 2009 Currently, the media player control does not provide a way to programmatically showhide the playlist. This can only be done by clicking the Playlist button. However, we will make sure that this functionality is included in the next release of the controls, so stay tuned for updates. Your points have been updated as per our EAP Program. show hide playlist windows media player

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