Damp patches under windows

2019-12-13 13:00 Sep 23, 2013 2 Answers. It's common to see damp under bay windows but sometimes it is caused by rising damp, sometimes it is condensation and sometimes it is penetrating damp which can be due to poor rainwater drainage, badly sealed windows, damaged sills etc If the cause of the problem hasn't been addressed then it will return.

Jan 15, 2014 Note: On one occasion I had an internal wall that was damp, on careful inspection I found there was a handful of fiberglass laying on the loft floor, it had been carefully placed to disguise a roof leak. The rain was running through the fiber glass into the top of the internal wall. While you are there check where the pipes from the water tanks go, damp patches under windows If the patches are clustered around windows and doors, then its likely that rain is getting in through gaps around the frames. If the damp is below the opening, it may be because there is no

Sep 08, 2008 Water penetration around windows some years ago I had new UPC windows fitted and have just discovered VERY damp patches adjacent to the windows. I had an injected DPC done 18 months ago but this has not solved the damp patches under windows

Sep 15, 2013 a) Rising damp, which sounds like the damp you have under your window, however without looking at it in person its difficult to be exact! It may be also a bad seal around the window, a loose or missing slate from the bay, or a crack outside, a loose or missing piece of rendering or pebbledash coating etc, but again, we have to see it to be sure If a floor is replaced with a modern solid floor that stops the moisture from escaping, it is forced to travel under the floor into the adjoining walls before escaping into the air. This will increase the overall amounts of moisture in the base of the walls and make them damp near the replacement floor. Dec 10, 2008 Condensation Damp around window in upstairs bedroom. Ventilation and redecoration, install air brick if non exists, open trickle vent in window if one exists or open windows. damp patches under windows May 20, 2012 The wall under the bay window had dried out nicely and we then had the plastered knocked back to the brickwork and replastered. Over the last week ago we have experienced some snow and rain and have noticed a damp patch appearing in the right hand corner directly under the window sill and it radiates outwards from this point. Mar 01, 2009 We have discovered a damp wet patch under the bay window. The bay window is a uPVC window with a stone sill on the outside, it has no cavity wall and is stone faced. The external brickwork looks alittle mossy near the ground and some of the stone bricks feel alittle sandy on the exterior but nothing that really scares you too much. Does anyone Nov 28, 2009 damp patch under window, isolated area. Discussion in 'Building' started by andrewaaa299, 26 Nov 2009. I was repainting the bedroom walls and noticed a damp patch under one of the windows. It appears to be an isolated area and i never noticed it before. It is right under the window sill (of a double glazed window).

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