Firefox opens two windows when starting

2020-02-17 21:08 Oct 14, 2009 Firefox. If Firefox sometimes starts with multiple windows or tabs open, you may have it set to restore your previous session. If it always starts with multiple tabs open, a group of tabs may be set as the Home page. To see if this is the case and to change these settings:

Jan 23, 2008 When I open firefox browser, I get multiple tabs opening all at onceseveral with my homepage, others with various topics. I have to close them individually to keep this from slowing down my homepage load. Any idea what setting I need to change? I am using Firefox 3 Beta 2. firefox opens two windows when starting Firefox won't start when I click on the icon. Windows Vista, FF. I normally am a laggard when it comes to deploying new stuff, but FF3. 1 was hanging, like everyday. So I upgraded to FF, and now firefox won't start up. I see the firefox. exe process in Task Manager, but it never shows a UI.

Multiple browser windows open when starting Firefox. Firefox opens and loads, but as it finishes loading the home page, it begins to open new, blank Firefox browser windows, over and over, up to 99 browser windows! ! I have to close the new windows (they are not tabs, but new windows) so that I can work with the original window, firefox opens two windows when starting

Stop Firefox starting with two tab open. Ask Question 0. I've been all over the mozilla documentation trying to find out which command line arguments or userpreferences will prevent firefox from starting with two tabs open and also stop asking would I like to share usage statistics. Browser opening multiple pages at system startup? Prevent Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer from opening unknown pages at the start or opening multiple popup windows Aug 10, 2018  Mozilla has registered Firefox with Windows Restart Manager, as a result, if you dont close the Firefox browser or if it is open when you shut down or restart Windows, next time when you start your computer Firefox will launch itself automatically and restores the tabs and windows from the previous browsing session. firefox opens two windows when starting About a week ago Firefox opens two windows (my homepage and a blank new window) when I open the program. This also occurs if the website I am on opens a new window (the window for the website and a blank new window). Firefox opening multiple new tabs unexpectedly is an erratic behavior often attributed to malware, incorrect settings or general browser problems. For a business owner who relies on Firefox for Aug 18, 2010 If you have set only one home page in toolsoptions but Firefox opens two then here's the fix! Right click on your Firefox icon then click open& it will open one tab, not two. Or you can single click the Firefox icon instead of double clicking and it will open with only one tab. Jan 07, 2019  Way 1: Start Firefox in safe mode from the Help Menu. Step 1: Start Firefox, if you havent done so. Step 2: Click the threeline icon in the upper right corner of the Firefox window, and then click the question mark at the bottom of the popup menu. This will open the Help menu. Step 3: Click Restart with Addons Disabled in the Help menu.

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