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2019-12-12 23:35 Jan 24, 2013 Copy or Move a File or Folder. In the desktop, click or tap the File Explorer button on the taskbar. Open the drive or folder containing the file or folder you want to copy. Select the files or folders you want to copy or move. Click or tap the Copy or Cut (to move) button on the Home tab.

How to Set users home folder via group policy in Windows 8 Alan Burchill 17 Comments If your company is like most organisation i have come across you all users to have a home drive (typically H: ) that is give to the users that allows them to store private information that only they have access. move home folder windows 8 Apr 09, 2017 See how to move the Pictures folder and change its location to any folder in Windows 10 and save your space on the system drive.

Aug 16, 2012 From here right click any folder you want to move. Click properties. Select the Location tab. move home folder windows 8

Mar 10, 2019 Windows 8 is installed on the SSD. want to keep my files in the RAID enabled hard drive. How can I change my home directory to the hard drive, so that every time I login and work, my files are saved in the hard drive. I don't see an option to change the home directory in the user's settings in user management. This thread is locked. Move the Users Directory to a Different Drive in Windows 8. This is a method thats commonly used in a hybrid SSDHDD solution, but it can be used in any settings for those who dont want to store their Users directory in their main C: drive. And I like this solution better as How can the answer be improved? move home folder windows 8 I created 2 Local accounts on my Windows 8 PC. I don't see a separate Home folders for BOTH the accounts in C: \Users. When i type cmd in the run dialog, to see the current windows home, im taken to the home folder of the very first microsoft account which I created when I installed windows 8. Mar 26, 2014 Log on to the Windows 8Windows 8. 1 computer using any account. (If you are using the administrator account, it is better. ) From the Start screen, click the Desktop tile. Once on the desktop window, press Windows R keys simultaneously to initialize the Run command box. In the available field in the Run command box, type TEMP and press Enter.

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