Configure windows 8.1 without microsoft account

2019-12-07 09:28 Aug 31, 2016  Tap or click Add an account, and then tap or click Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended). Tap or click Local account. Enter a user name for the new account. If you want this person to sign in with a password, enter and verify the password, add a

Nov 10, 2013 How to use an Enterprise Account to setup Windows 8. 1 Mail App without using Microsoft Account Log on with the administrator account on your tablet or computer, and go to the desktop screen. Press Windows R keys simultaneously, type GPEDIT. MSC, and click OK button. configure windows 8.1 without microsoft account Apr 11, 2015 Windows 8. 1 is really no more functional than Windows 7. I've got it to be just about as functional as Windows 7 on the Desktop (Start buttonmenu on the desktop via Classic Shell, Aero Glass via Aero Glass for Win 8. 1, etc. ). But after ALL THAT it turns out Windows 8. 1 is a few percent slower than Windows 7. I've done rigorous testing and benchmarks on identical hardware.

How to Setup Windows 8. 1 without Microsoft Account Boot your computer from Windows 8. 1 installation DVD or USB drive, Enter an invalid Windows Live account or an incorrect password like shown in Simply click on the lightlycolored link that said continue without a Microsoft Account configure windows 8.1 without microsoft account

Oct 07, 2013  How to setup Windows 8. 1 Mail App without using a Microsoft Account. Once that policy is enabled, you will now be prompted and able to use an Enterprise Account instead see screenshot below: If you do not publish your Email Server settings, Click on Show more details, then you are now able to enter your: Email Address, Server Address, Domain, Username and Password as Caveat, I had a local Windows 8. 0 account and when I did the online 8. 1 update, it made me setup a MS account to login for the first time. . I had a year old Outlook account and it took. This day I found a way to get rid of the MS account login and go back to my old local account. Oct 17, 2013 In this video, I teach you how to use Windows 8. 1 without a Microsoft Account. Aka, a local account like in Windows 8. Since Microsoft are making it difficult for the user, I decided to make this configure windows 8.1 without microsoft account Aug 30, 2016 Installing Windows 8. 1 Without Microsoft Account. Step 1: Open PC Settings. To do this, move mouse pointer to the upper or lower rightcorner of the screen, click Settings and then click Change PC settings. Alternatively, you can simultaneously press Windows logo key and I key to open Settings charm and then click Change PC settings to open PC settings. Is there a way to use the default Mail app in Windows 8 without signing in using a Microsoft Account? I'd like to only add an Exchange account and have no need for an extra Microsoft Account on my computersdevices. May 11, 2014 I am trying to setup a new Windows 8 computer that is going to be a gift. I need to go through the setup procedure so I can install some software which is also part of the gift. How can I do this without having to use a Microsoft account, or at least with leaving the least amount of account remnants for the new user? Oct 30, 2013 If you don't have a Microsoft Account or you have no interest in its cloud features, then a local account provides alwaysavailable access to Windows 8. 1, but its setup option is slightly hidden.

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