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2019-12-14 16:09 UEFI Syslinux does not support chainloading other EFI applications like UEFI Shell or Windows Boot Manager. And indeed, even after a feature request in 2013, they still haven't implemented this very important feature. Solution was to install a different EFIchainloadcapable bootloader, such as GRUB. Installation guide for Arch here.

Nov 12, 2014  Wimboot from PxeLinux setup posted in Tiny PXE Server: Hi All, I have a pxelinux setup here in the office for multiple types of booting ranging from linux installs, to HDD clone software, to DOS based disk wipes. The server is running debian with tftpdhpa, dnsmasq, samba and syslinux. So far all of the PXE boots that I have been asked to get working are all working except for Windows syslinux windows setup For Windows Server 2008 and below: Open the Windows Deployment Services Console; Rightclick on your Server and select Properties; Click the Boot tab; Change the default boot program for each archetecture to: AND; Respectively. Finally, we need a few more files to bring it all together.

ISOLINUX and Windows install disks. ISOLINUX supports the use of socalled CDROM boot sectors , which are used primarily by Microsoft Windows NT (including 2000 and XP). CDROM boot sectors need to end in the extension . bin . Some people have used this together with Windows install disks to create WindowsLinux combination install CDs. syslinux windows setup

SYSLINUX. The o option is used with a disk image file and specifies the byte offset of the filesystem image in the file. On boot time, by default, the kernel will be loaded from the image named LINUX on the boot floppy. This default can be changed, see the section on the SYSLINUX config file. Creating a PXE Boot menu for deploying Linux with Windows Deployment Services (WDS) syslinux windows setup

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