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2019-11-20 12:52 Oct 03, 2013  Watch this video to know about the steps to access the Advanced Recovery Tools in Windows 8. 1 to fix various issues with your PC. To access expert tech support, call iYogi at tollfree

Jul 05, 2017  Advanced options. However, if Windows 8 cant boot, it may boot properly after you restore your PC to a working state. System Image Recovery: Restore your computer using a system image file. The system image overwrites your computers state and files. Youll need to use Windows 7s backup tools in Windows 8 to create a system image. windows 8 advanced tools Nov 02, 2018  Windows 8. 1 Boot Screen Logo Changer. An advanced tool designed to change the default logo of the boot screen. Even though it sports a simple user interface, using this tool isnt very straightforward and we advise you follow the instructions mentioned in our how to change the boot screen logo in Windows 8. 1 guide for detailed instructions.

Access Windows 8's Advanced Startup Utility with a Simple Shortcut. The Advanced Startup tool is an extra, hidden option of the Shutdown service that allows you to perform basic troubleshooting functions during startup, including doing a Refresh my PC , reverting to a previous restore point, or other basic tasks. It's also pretty well hidden. windows 8 advanced tools

Apr 13, 2013 Here's How: 1. Open the Control Panel (icons view), and clicktap on the Performance Information and Tools icon. NOTE: Performance Information and Tools is no longer available in Windows 8. 1. 2. Clicktap on the Advanced tools link on the left side. (see screenshot below) May 02, 2013 In the Windows 8 Control Panel Performance Information and Tools there's the option Advanced Tools that shows detected performance issues. (Cannot remember the name of the item. ) When you click a specific item a small dialog opens summarizing the problem. One of the buttons on this dialog is Remove from list windows 8 advanced tools

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