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2020-02-29 13:31 BAT script to search directory for folders that match an input name. But pipes become inefficient if the 2nd half is slow compared to the 1st half, and a lot of data must be buffered. In that case it is definitely better to use a temp file instead of a pipe. I incorporate a random number into the temp file name to guard against possible collision of multiple processes using the same temp directory.

So to be sure that there really is a file (or directory) you should do this: for R f in (main. css) do @IF EXIST f @echo f Also, be aware that you do need to quote the file name because if the path or file contains spaces the directory walking may blow up. The above is, at least, how it is working in Windows 8. windows batch search directory Nov 26, 2011 Batch script to search for a file in a folder and subfolders; Batch file to search for files in a directory Best answers; Search for a file using batch script Best answers; Batch file to list all files in a folder and subfolders HowTo Windows; Batch file to compare folders and subfolders Forum Windows; Batch script to delete files

Feb 20, 2014 Thanks for the info. Actually, the question should be how to copy all. pdf files under src directory and all subdirectories recursively to the trgt directory? The subdirectories should copied over as well. Use RoboCopy. It works better. windows batch search directory

If you just want the path (as in the folder path without the file) then use set pdpa instead. Note: If there is more than 1 file with the same name then the variable will be set to the last one found. Jul 17, 2008  Search for filefolder using batch. For simple example, you could try a batch file containing the command DIR C: \1 s pathout. txt Then 1 is a variable, so you would use the batch file as: findfile nameofafile where you substitue the name of the file you are searching for each time you use the batch windows batch search directory

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