How to delete windows media player from ps3

2020-01-24 20:50 It will immediately clear your media playing history from Windows Media Player. To further get rid of more media information, press the Clear Caches button to delete the caches of your CDs or other devices. Press the OK button to close the Options dialogue box and finish the recent changes you've made to Windows Media Player.

Dec 11, 2007 Windows Media Player on PS3! ! ! 2nd go on your pc and go on WMP11 click tools and then options look for the tab 'Library' then click configure sharing. There should be a device in there named unknown device in there which is your ps3 (p. s make sure any other devices are turned off before you try this) click on the icon and click allow below. 3rd how to delete windows media player from ps3 Jan 23, 2016 Step 1: First, Go to start menu. Step 2: Goes to your control panel. Step 3: Now go to your programs and features. Step 4: To click on Turn windows features on or off. Step 5: Alright going to take a few second this little box will appear in the pop up turn windows features on or off.

Jun 27, 2017  How to Uninstall Windows Media Player 12. Some users wish to disable or uninstall Windows Media Player 12 for their Windows 87 computer because WMP's wmpnetwk. exe process occupies too much of the CPU how to delete windows media player from ps3

Mar 24, 2018 In windows media player go to ToolsoptionsLibrary. Click on the configure sharing button. You should see Unkown Device or Ps3 listed there. Click on Allow. You may want to play around with the settings. Thats it! Go back to your ps3 and search for servers! I hope this helps you. How to stream Media to the PS3 with Windows Media Player. When you have Windows Media Player 11 installed and ready to go click on Library on the menu bar. Then scroll down to Media Sharing. . and click on it. Now make sure Share my media is checked, and select Unknown Device and click Allow Now on the PS3 we can Search how to delete windows media player from ps3

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