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2020-03-30 20:45 Windows 98: Features. To move an application or file to the Start Menu: Click Start Button . Select the application's icon to be moved. Drag the icon to the new location and drop it. To remove an application or file to the Start Menu: Click Start Button . Rightclick the application's icon to be deleted. Select D

Let me get one thing clear straight away, Windows 98 Second Edition is really just a whole load of bug fixes and code enhancements. If you are thinking of buying Windows 98 SE believing that you will get a number of new features not seen in plain old Windows 98 then you will clearly be disappointed. features of windows 98 se Windows 98 Second Edition (often shortened to SE) is an updated release of Windows 98, released on May 5, 1999. It includes fixes for many minor issues, improved WDM audio and modem support, improved USB support, the replacement of Internet Explorer 4. 0 with Internet Explorer 5. 0, Web Folders ( WebDAV namespace extension for Windows Explorer), [29 and related shell updates.

Apr 20, 2019 Windows 98 second edition ISO or W98SE, was updated in 1999 and significantly improved on Windows 98 SE. it may be a minor design, not a genuine new release (without a doubt, the version number is still 4. 10, as it was in Windows 98 se iso, but the model number has been expanded from 1998 to 2222. features of windows 98 se

New Windows 98 features. While Windows 98 was not as big as release as Windows 95, Windows 98 has significant updates, fixes, and support for new peripherals. Below is a list of some of its new features. Protection Windows 98 includes additional protection for important files on your computer such as backing up your registry automatically. Nov 27, 2015 Windows 98 is prepared for DVD movies, for the view of DVD Movies a separate software must be installed. The update to the newest Windows Release is supported if Windows 3. x or Windows 95 is already installed. Answer (1 of 1): Windows 98 was drastically different than Windows 3. 1, or the first Window designed for the internet, Windows 3. 11 for Workgroups. It was built on the Windows 95 platform and greatly improved it. The main advantages Windows 98 had over previous operating systems was that it: 1. Browsed the internet better than Windows 95. 2. Was easier to use. features of windows 98 se Discuss: Microsoft Windows 98 SE Sign in to comment. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads Windows 95 (resulting in fewer crashes), Windows 98 extends the capabilities of the Windows operating system by providing additional features. Windows 95 and Windows 98 are similar in many respects in that Windows 98 capitalizes on the graphic user interface features presented by Windows 95. As such, our features class assumes that you are

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