Can't install windows 7 on ssd raid 0

2020-03-29 06:35 Jan 24, 2015 Unable to install windows 7 with Raid 0 SSD configuration Hello Everyone, I finished putting my build together the other day and am having some troubles getting windows 7 pro 64 bit installed with a raid 0 SSD configuration setup with the motherboard.

Feb 07, 2017 I am trying to install Windows 7 Enterprise edition an SSD in a raid setup. The system I am trying to install them on is a Dell Precision T5600. I have both SSDs wiped and clean, setup with a partition on them. can't install windows 7 on ssd raid 0 Dec 17, 2009 I recently bought two Intel X25M's with 80GB each to put them in a RAID 0 array and to install Win7 on that array. I know how to set up a RAID 0 array in BIOS but I have one question. I sort of figured out that I have to remove XP and set up the RAID 0 before installing Win7 or it won't work.

Nov 24, 2013 I have a brand new setup, using the asus z77 platform. I have the driver saved to a usb drive, Windows reads the driver just fine, and I have the RAID dives set up as one drive using the intel drive setup, (ctrli) but Windows refuses to install itself on the combined drive. can't install windows 7 on ssd raid 0

Feb 27, 2013 Unable to install SSD on Win7 x64 system. Windows 7 64bit simply won't install on it which really defeats the purpose of buying it. Nothing is in raid. I have disconnected all other drives Jan 30, 2017 HP EliteBook 8770W Can't install win7 on RAID0 SSD's. Discussion in 'HP Business Class Notebooks' started by kithylin, Jan 19, 2017. can't install windows 7 on ssd raid 0

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