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2019-12-07 08:49 I completely turned off windows focus stealing in Windows 7 (it was a pretty simple RegEdit job if I remember correctly). After upgrading to Win 10 I never had focus stealing problems, it was completely turned off. I was happy. However, I recently installed a bigger hard drive and did a fresh Win 10 install.

Apr 14, 2005 the window loses focus and I have to click in it again to make it active. The funny thing is that there are no other windows that could take the focus, so I press alttab after the moment in which notepad loses focus and Windows shows that there are 2 windows: notepad and IE, but if i try to switch to the IE window nothing happens(as if the window stealing focus windows 7 Jun 16, 2016  something keeps stealing focus in windows 7 I was reading this thread and decided to just post my own, and now I'm posting here because nobody has an answer apparently. I've had the same issue for years, and now that I finally know the term focus stealing

All window focus events are written in a logfile so you can see the time, order, the application name and the element name in the process. If you have found the responsible application name, you can take actions to prevent applications from stealing window focus. Scope of this utility: Detecting and stopping window focus stealing problems. window stealing focus windows 7

Apr 26, 2018  Applications stealing focus on Windows 1087 is a very annoying issue. To prevent applications from stealing focus you can use WindowFocusLogger to Sep 23, 2018  Last, but not least, you can always try a thirdparty, antifocusstealing tool, of which there are a few: DeskPins is completely free and let's you pin any window, keeping it on top of all others, Window On Top is another free program that works How to steal focus on Windows 7. Even though the window shows up on top of everything and the cursor starts blinking, the focus is actually in the previous window, and the icon is blinking in the taskbar. Switching between frames of one process is fine, but switching to another process is the problem. Windows 7 x64, jdk. window stealing focus windows 7 Jun 08, 2017 I propose the following general rule of thumb: a child window should be allowed to steal focus from it's parent window, but no other focus stealing should be allowed. That won't help for the special case of launching applications from explorer. exe (taskbar, start menu, Windows Explorer). The app windows are not child windows of explorer. Microsoft Windowsbased systems use popup dialogue boxes which can steal focus from the current application. On versions of Microsoft Windows prior to Windows 7, there is a user setting that will by default prevent a cooperative application from stealing focus when launching another program or popping up a new window or dialogue box. May 23, 2016 This has been going on for several years with my Windows 7 comp, and it's gone from annoying to almost infuriating. I'll be playing a game, or working on a document, or watching a video, or reading something online, or whatever, when Windows clicks and the active window loses focus for about a second, then gives it back. Jun 07, 2014  as stated in the subject, I wonder how to prevent windows from stealing focus from whatever your working on whenever some other running app, howvever unimportant, calls for attention? This focusstealing drives me up a wall, and it's not helpful

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