Smbclient connect to windows 8

2019-12-14 10:20 smbclient cannot connect to Windows Server 2012 R2. Ask Question 1. SAMBA Remotely connect Windows Server 2012 core VM. 0. connect to Samba server. 0. Windows cannot connect to Samba server. 1. Samba is not working but smbclient does. 1. How to use smbclient to connect

On my network I have a Windows 8 laptop and a Ubuntu Server running 12. 10. I can connect to a Ubuntu file share from my Windows 8 laptop with out any issues. Question: How would I connect& mo smbclient connect to windows 8 I need to connect from Linux to Windows to copy some files. My Windows directory looks like this: I tried: smbclient U userpw Also. smbclient U userpw \\Server\Public directory dir\offline\etc nothing worked. But When i try connecting to \Server\Public that ist working

Feb 27, 2012  A Linux machine in my environment needs to access a file share on a Windows Server 2008 R2 file server. The Linux machine is attempting to connect by using the smbclient command but is not able to connect. This is the first time I have been involved in this type of smbclient connect to windows 8

Well, I have found that if you can't mount the share you won't get smbclient to access it, either. You can put your credentials in a file and refer to the file with A [filename instead of putting them in athe command line then special characters shouldn't matter. Nov 29, 2000 Get the command options and syntax you need to make smbmount and smbclient access a Windows system from a Linux workstation. Many times I've had to put a Linux workstation into a field of Windows smbclient connect to windows 8

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