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2019-12-13 00:25 Sep 25, 2012 Issues sharing files from phone to PC via bluetooth I have one samsung galaxy skyrocket phone and I have paired it with 3 different HP PCs. 2 of them running Windows 7 home and one Windows 7 professional.

If you're tired of connecting your phone to your PC all the time to share photos and other files, here's a look at doing it cable free with Bluetooth. How to Share Files Over Bluetooth in Windows 10 share files via bluetooth windows phone 7 May 22, 2013 In this how to we will discuss how to share file via Bluetooth from a PC. Windows phone 8 does offer you the option to connect to USB and share the file using storage but there might be infinite reason to use Bluetooth for file transfer. Pairing. Every Bluetooth device for communication has to be paired first.

I have a phone that I am using to transfer file in between my various computer using bluetooth. I can easily push files from my computers onto my phone quickly and easily (computers run windows 7, phone is a Samsung captivate on 2. 1), however going the other way (pushing files from my phone to the computer) is not quite so clean. share files via bluetooth windows phone 7

Mar 20, 2019 In Bluetooth& other devices settings, select Send or receive files via Bluetooth. In Bluetooth File Transfer, select Send files choose the device you want to share to Next. Select Browse the file or files to share Open Next to send it Finish. On the receiving device, have your friend accept the file. Sometimes youll want to share a photo, document, or other file from your Windows Phone to someones laptop or other device, and a simple way of doing that is via Bluetooth. Oct 31, 2013 my 8x connects for a few seconds then disconnects, so anyway I attempted send a file from my phone to my surface and it worked. Think it must be a bit different from connecting mobiles via Bluetooth. As long as you can see the phone in devices on the surface it should be ok share files via bluetooth windows phone 7 Feb 24, 2012 The Dark Force Team has really taken it upon itself to make Windows Phone 7 the platform it should have been all along. After their release of the awesome custom Mango ROMs, they have brought one of the most wanted feature to WP7; Bluetooth file transfer. Whenever you introduce WP7 to a new user, one of the first missing features they comment on is file sharing via Bluetooth.

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