Windows xp please wait screen after repair

2019-10-17 01:37 When I updated back to Windows XP Service Pack 3, the install went all the way to the end when the Please Wait Windows screen comes up and froze. I restarted the laptop, and when Windows came

Aug 12, 2008 Please Wait message on XP start up. else's inasmuch that it's a blue screen with the XP logo, then 'Please Wait' appears followed by increasing lines of white dots until it finally kicks in to windows xp please wait screen after repair After an XP repair install Windows hangs at please wait then again when trying to activate. Once it got to the please wait screen nothing else happened, the mouse would still move but it wouldn't progress any futher.

If you perform a Repair install of Windows XP onto a computer that had Internet Explorer 8 (aka IE8) and after the repair completes you get stuck at the Please Wait screen right before setup finishes. windows xp please wait screen after repair

The computer finished installing and I was taken to the black please wait screen This is where the computer hung, so I turned the computer off via the power switch and rebooted. Upon reboot I was told that windows had to be activated before logging on. I clicked yes and was led to the desktop screen minus all icons or taskbar. Mar 12, 2019 After failing to access Windows XP after logging in multiple times I have decided to repair Windows XP. After the repair setup is complete and the computer restarts, startup freezes at the please wait screen with the Windows XP logo. I can still move the mouse around but after waiting for over an hour the please wait remained. Jul 17, 2015 I thought in order to fix this, I would reinstall Windows XP by using the installation CD of Windows XP. So, the setup has mostly worked until the setup had about 5 minutes left, then which the computer screen switched to a black Windows XP screen saying please wait. It has been stuck on this screen for about 3 hours now. windows xp please wait screen after repair Apr 18, 2011 Tried a repair on xp pro with the orginal cd it gets stuck at please wait at the end just before it goes into windows any ideas. it goes all the way to the end to the black windows xp logo and please wait and hangs there XP repair stuck on please wait black screen

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