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2019-12-14 18:58 May 26, 2014 My Asus laptop didn't shutdown properly and found it super hot in the laptop bag. After, it wouldn't start up, stalling on the microsoft loading bar page. Using F8 on booting, wont start normally or when selecting repair. In safe mode it starts loading windows files but stalls on Loaded:

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 10 or 8 (The Easy Way) Walter Glenn @wjglenn Updated March 31, 2018, 10: 17pm EDT One of the most common steps when troubleshooting a PC is to boot into Safe Mode. asus k55a windows 8 safe mode Mar 14, 2019 I installed the Windows 8 upgrade a few weeks ago on my Asus model K55A laptop. Last night when I shut it down it got stuck in shut down mode. I have tried to reboot by holding down the onoff button several time. When I do this and turn the laptop back on, it is still stuck in shut down mode.

Apr 10, 2019  Step 1: Safe Mode with DVD. Lets boot from the Windows 8 DVD and login in Safe Mode. a) Boot from Windows 8 DVD. b) After you see a Choose an Option, click on Troubleshoot. c) Now click on Advanced Options and then on Windows Startup Settings. d) Use your arrow keys to go to Safe Mode and hit Enter. asus k55a windows 8 safe mode

Mar 17, 2015 Solved: Asus K55A wont boot. All I have is a black screen with a cursor not a flashing one. There are no flashing lights either. I've done all the battery removal, draining the battery etc and the F8 tapping but without any success. Nothing has been installed or altered. The laptop came with Windows 8 installed. I've researched how to fix this, but I need to enter safe mode in order to fix it. Problems getting into safe mode: Press F5F8F12 at startup This does not work, ASUS seems to have replaced the safe boot option with a propritiatory repair wizard (cant use this as it will wipe all documents). Go into BIOS nothing to enable safe mode. Nov 14, 2014  Here's something you don't see very often on this channel, a Windows based laptop related video. This one has been giving me a little trouble so I asus k55a windows 8 safe mode Walked them through getting to the BIOS and changed the boot order to have Windows Boot Manager be first in the boot order. As soon they saved and rebooted computer, it now goes to a black screen with no splash screens and no BIOS display. Sep 25, 2015 I upgraded my friend's Asus K55A to Windows 10 from Windows 8. 1. There was issues with wifi so I thought I'd restore it and delete everything and start again using the options in system settings. It said that there was a problem and the restore couldn't complete and now it's stuck in a boot loop and won't get past the Asus logo screen. Oct 23, 2012  To access Safe Mode in Windows 8, you need to do so via the Advanced Startup options menu. To restart your computer into the Advanced startup options menu please go to the Windows 8 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is the fastest gaming GPU that delivers 35 faster performance than the GeForce GTX 1080

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