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2019-12-07 09:53 A theme change causes an invalidation of the control template and the contained visual tree, which in turn causes the entire control to unload and reload. Therefore Loaded cannot be assumed to occur only when a page is first loaded through navigation to the page. Routed Event Information

When should I load data in a Windows Phone 8 application? Ask Question 1. 0. What this means is that for a new instance of a page, load the data synchronously. This also means that the page will not be rendered until the data has finished loading and the profiler complains that I'm using too much UI thread time. Windows phone 8 windows phone main page loaded event Mar 18, 2016 So in order to add a page load event in XAML Apps. Make a UWP Project from Visual Studio. To make a project, open visual studio and select new project as given below, Select Universal from left side. Choose Blank App ( Universal Windows ) . and press enter. Open MainPage. xaml from Solution explorer. Main page with visual design will be

Pass data from User Control to Parent page in Windows Phone 8. 1 September 3, 2015 January 15, 2016 Vivek Maskara General, UI 12, 322 views While using User Controls in Windows Phone, we often get into a situation where we need to pass some kind of data from the user control to the parent page, when any operation is performed on the user control. windows phone main page loaded event

It is registering a handler for that event when the MainPage has finished loading it internally fires the Loaded event, in turn the event handler gets called. Setting up that handler in the button1Click also makes no sense your page has already well and truly loaded by the time a button can be clicked. how to do task after xaml page is loaded in windows phone. Ask Question 2. So I'm working on Windows Phone Project based on music shuffling. So what we did is to suscribe to the loaded event on the constructor of the page. By the time the page is loaded, you will be able to call your Event method from the callback. share improve this answer. I want to know which method is first called by default when a xaml page is loaded in windows phone app and how can I change the method which has to be called first on load? There is no Initialized event in Page, and Loaded is triggered before all components windows phone main page loaded event

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