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2019-09-15 13:45 Mar 10, 2019 However, as soon as I mark 'Run whether user is logged on or not' using the Administrator login, the task returns a Last Run Result of (0x1). This happens when trying to launch the file on demand or when it is scheduled at it's daily time to run.

schtasks. exe does not appear to have the capability to add the Start in or Working directory of a scheduled task. Bummer. One thing you can do is use the XML for Task Scheduler 2. 0 tasks, which does let you set the working directory. Here is the XML for the test task that I created for this question: windows scheduled task 0x1 result Apr 27, 2017 How to fix the Task Scheduler 0x1 error on the last run result As I mention in this tutorial, it seems to be more likely to appear if the option Run only when user

Scheduled task fails Last result 0x1 I had a group of users running a shared account that I am forcing them off of. They had a scheduled task running on the shared machine rwith the the shared account as the run as account They never logged off in the past. windows scheduled task 0x1 result

Jan 25, 2016 Re: Troubleshooting the task scheduler returns (0x1) code by guest Mon Jan 25, 2016 11: 16 am I have setup a task using Task Scheduler that I would like to use to launch a batch file at a certain time each day. Jan 26, 2017 Windows Server Task Scheduler gives 0x1 as Last Run Result. The task scheduler still appears to run all the batch commands, because the backup directory is always updated. However, the FTP is failing. I turned on logging from the WinSCP client (and script) to try and capture the problem, but I only get a log file when running If you do see a result of 0x1 as the last result of a scheduled task, it is important to insure the definitions truly are up to date, as there are some technical issues that can cause LiveUpdate to return the value LiveUpdate did not find any new updates for the given products even if windows scheduled task 0x1 result I have a scheduled task that is supposed to run a batch file. The batch files runs file when called on it's own, but does not run when wrapped in a scheduled task. Here is what the dialog looks like: Jan 31, 2017  Problem. Youve created a new scheduled task in Task Scheduler to execute a batch file but notice that the task does not complete successfully and the Last Run Result is (0x1): . Reviewing the History tab of the scheduled task shows the following log entries: . Level: Information Besides using the shutdown command and getting the last run result of 0x1: 1. I have a simple. bat logoff script i've tried which also gives the last run result of 0x1. 2. I have a simple. VBS log off script as well that says it runs successfully in task scheduler but the action of logging off doesn't occur. Oct 27, 2015 How to solve Task Scheduler 0x1 last run result on most cases! Most people encounter 0x1 error when turn on the Run only when user is logged on option. Thi

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