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2019-12-08 00:46 Dec 11, 2016 check out the follow up video here support me please! to enable HPET bcdedit set

Oct 05, 2017 Gps3dx. HPET being a toggle is a legacy bios feature, and was big news for overclockers since back in the days of windows 7, at which overclocking for PC gaming talk started to grew todather with the expansion of the net. AFAIK, windows 10 does not utilize this feature, so it doesn't matter if its enabled or disabled. hpet windows 7 gaming The issue can also be that your PC is not using HPET exclusively if you set useplatformclock to true, this makes Windows only use HPET which can result in better performance. Either way, it can be worth a try especially if you have weird micro stutters or such.

Disable HPET on B350m Gaming Pro on: 30December17, 19: 52: 53 Hello, I really need to disable HPET on the BIOS, since this timer makes my game (CS: GO) literally unplayable, the input lag is too much, everything feels slowed down. hpet windows 7 gaming

Oct 19, 2010 Information required when requesting notebook support in the Verde Driver. Monitor: 55 Thorn TV, Sound: Sony Muteki 7. 1 Cooler: ThermalRight TRUE Spirit 120M BW Rev. A HPET on x58 runs perfectly fine. it was only an issue on x38 boards. HPET on x58 runs perfectly fine. Dec 31, 2017  The way HPET is implemented is resource intensive and will slow the CPU down (a lot of memory reads and writes). It was an improvement for older CPUs, but for more than 10 years modern AMD and Intel CPUs support better ways if keeping time. On modern Windows operating systems (Vista, 7 Apr 20, 2019 HPET is the short term for High Precision Event Timer and is known to improve the performance on older hardware once disabled. But how about in new hardware and Windows 10? hpet windows 7 gaming May 08, 2012 OP hardbag. Windows obviously uses LAPICs mainly for hypervisorvirtual machine and TSC as general, but it's a bit mystery what Windows 7 uses, a combination is the best assumption. Vista was heavily pushed into using HPET. I would say that you have at least TSC. If you want TSC HPET enable HPET in bios. Apr 02, 2019 Generally, I recommend not using HPET as a system timer if you have Windows 7 on up and a Core i57 (or AMD equivalent) based system. In these newer systems, Windows uses the newer Invariant TSC, which is a much more reliable and consistent system timer than HPET. Anyway, my question is simple. Do you have HPET enabled or disabled in your system? Apr 18, 2013 Try changing HPET settings to improve your PC's performance. Tap on the Windowskey, enter cmd, rightclick cmd. exe in the results listing and select to run the command prompt with administrative privileges. To enable HPET as the only timer run the command bcdedit set useplatformclock true To disable HPET in Windows run A typical Windows PC has several ways to do so, and using HPET high precision event timer is one of them. HPET is most precise timer available to the system, but whole generations of CPUs are affected by whats been called HPET bug: for them, accessing HPET takes 7 times longer than it should.

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